Hello! My name is Breena, and I'm the wife to Andy (, momma to 4 beautiful children (#ZekeyLives), and living out Hope in heartache as I look forward to the day I meet my boy, Zekey again. I'm the dreamer and designer over at - an ethical clothing line from Nepal. The women are rescued from sex trafficking, are paid fare wage, treated well and given the opportunity to know more about Jesus. I am also a writer and speaker, sharing our story of Hope! I love the way God has taken such a broken story and is redeeming it. He is so good and cares for even the smallest details in our lives. I pray you find Him and know He is out for your good. Follow my personal accounts on Instagram and Twitter:@BreenaHolt Also, my ethical clothing line on Instagram: @GarmentCollective and Twitter: @GarmentColl I love to connect with people from all over! Feel free to email or to inquire about speaking engagements.

Embraces From God Through You

What is it about the last few days that have filled our hearts up.? Through God’s people, God has given us embraces that have filled our hearts. A few days ago, we received a call that was full of encouragement from people we hold…