Hello! My name is Breena, and I'm the wife to Andy (, momma to 4 beautiful children (#ZekeyLives), and living out Hope in heartache as I look forward to the day I meet my boy, Zekey again. I'm the dreamer and designer over at - an ethical clothing line from Nepal. The women are rescued from sex trafficking, are paid fare wage, treated well and given the opportunity to know more about Jesus. I am also a writer and speaker, sharing our story of Hope! I love the way God has taken such a broken story and is redeeming it. He is so good and cares for even the smallest details in our lives. I pray you find Him and know He is out for your good. Follow my personal accounts on Instagram and Twitter:@BreenaHolt Also, my ethical clothing line on Instagram: @GarmentCollective and Twitter: @GarmentColl I love to connect with people from all over! Feel free to email or to inquire about speaking engagements.


Hello friends! The other day on Instagram, I posted this pic And I shared my heart + funnies: “You know that feeling when you run 2 days in a row and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘OH MY GOSH, I’M A RUNNER!!’ And…

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Hope Spoken 2016

It was just over a month ago, my hubby and I had put the kids to bed and then came downstairs to enjoy each other’s company in silence. I had been really struggling with my online life at that time. Honestly, ever since the…