Lavender Details

I got a really bad hair cut last week. And it was kind of the last straw. It lead me to a really, really good cut and change….


It’s hair, right? It’s.just.HAIR. So why the big deal? I was feeling the grief so strong and told a few friends I was really wanting to chop it and dye it blonde and add a bit of lavender on some ends.

I was SO relieved that my friends didn’t say, “NOOO! You have too pretty of hair! Don’t chop it!”

but instead said, “Yeah, go for it! It’s just hair. Grieve.”

Here’s the thing, when I get an itch to do something, it’s very hard for me to plan or to be patient and wait. But I figured, I should probably not expect to get it done that same day. So, after scheduling online with a gal I heard about from a friend (with good hair), I realized, I couldn’t wait for 4 more days. This needed to happen ‘today’.

I went online searching for a stylist who could do what I was looking to do. I finally found Lisa Dixon at the Salon Lofts @ 480 Polars Parkway (<–for everyone who keeps asking, book with her!) and saw she had an opening and so I booked it! Bonus! I only had to wait an hour before I left!

That hour went rather slowly (ha!) but when it arrived, I kissed my sweet husband one more time as a [mostly] brunette with long hair and said I’d see him later as a blonde!

If I were to describe my emotions at the time. It would be, straightforward (knowing this stemmed off of grief), calm (I wasn’t going to give hair the excitement it didn’t deserve- this was just a thing I was doing. Fun? Sure. But who cares, really. It’s hair. Why do we give it so much power?! I would also say, anticipation. Like, let’s do this thing.

Now, I know that seems possibly course or maybe I came off rude, but that wasn’t the case at all. I was thankful to have my husband send me off and receive that time away for myself as a gift. I love meeting new people. It was a win win.

When I went into Lisa’s space, she hadn’t checked her phone to see my appointment (she had been booked until then and after me) and said, “Oh, hi! I haven’t had time to check my new appointments but come on in!”

We started with small talk and asked how I found her name.  The gal in the chair told me she had been going to Lisa for many years and loved her! I also noticed Lisa had great hair and was dressed cute- all the right signs that she’d be good.

When my turn arrived, I didn’t spill the beans yet. I waited for the question to see if she could handle the story. Not everyone can, but most do.

She asked, “How many children do you have?”

My answer is always the same. “Four” and then when asked for the details, I tell them their names, ages and when it comes time to share about Zekey, I tell them the age he would be and that he is now with Jesus.

That’s when I told her.

“This is actually a grieving thing. I miss him and I just kind of need a change.”

Lisa was so gracious and sweet about it. She told me how great it would look and went to work. Now, she didn’t have lavender so that would have to be something we did the next time. I was okay with that.

Halfway through telling Zekey’s story, she paused, “You think you’re here to get your hair done, but God has you here for another reason….”

Lisa opened up about her nieces’ son who had been battling uncontrollable seizures since January and that they had tried everything, even diet change but it would only work for awhile and then they would show up again. He is three. Very similar stories.

So many heartbreaking memories flooded my mind as I was able to put myself in her nieces’ shoes, knowing the trauma she is enduring. My heart broke for her and her family. You don’t ever want to know of someone else going through such a thing…ever.

My hope is that her niece is able to get with the right dr. and get her son’s seizures under control. My prayer is for healing and mercy and that Batten disease or any other disorder, is not written on her son’s DNA.


After one application, we realized, we needed another to pull more color out. If you don’t know me personally, very few people have as thick of hair as I do (so every hairstylist tells me) and so it took lots of work to get the job done.

For application number two, one of her daughters showed up to get her hair done and was so sweet. She looked at the ground and said, “Wow, you must have had a lot of hair.” and she became REALLY excited for the before and after. “These are the fun clients to have.” she said.

Application number two and we both were not satisfied with the color yet. We laughed about it as her next and final client came in for the night. She had also been coming a long time and highly recommended her.

I said, “It’s a good thing because it’s too late if she’s not good!”

We really all had a great time and laughed about my hair- it’s so fickle. Like grief.

The final treatment was a lavender mix and would pull out all of the rest of the color. At this point, I was really excited. Yes, about my hair. I was just having a great time. I was so thankful.

After the rinse, Lisa finished the rest of my cut. Shaped well, thinned out perfectly. She is very talented.

Have you thought “how long were you there?!”. 5 hours. ha! It didn’t feel like it. I read through all the magazines, had coffee and laughed a lot. I was able to talk about my faith and share Zekey’s story. It was perfect. If you have normal hair and are not planning on going from dark to platinum, you don’t have to worry about time 😉

Thankfully, Lisa had only her daughter and one other client and was able to work on them while my hair was processing so, basically she said it worked out beautifully and that it never happens that way.

Once she dried and styled my hair, I really loved what I saw. I felt that little bit of grief satisfaction and I felt really good. Relaxing, fun time.

And bonus, God is so good to care for the details. I wanted a little bit of lavender in it, and if even for just a few days before the wash, a few of my ends were lavender. I felt like God came down and hugged me.

In my time away, and getting my hair done with those sweet lavender details he said, “I know, dear one. I see your grief. I know grief. I am here. I love you.”

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All the accessories.


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Lavender details









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    Maria Konoff

    I love you Bree! Words can not express how much you are always such an inspiration to me. ……

  • Reply November 17, 2015


    Love your new hair style and color! I can’t imagine the waves of grief you have and will experience but thank you for continuing to share. It’s good to be reminded of God’s love.

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