The ‘Fight’ In Motherhood

Being a momma, we have a natural ‘fight’ in us. I have found myself fighting for my kids since I found out I was pregnant with my first.

Sometimes fighting has looked like crying out to God after losing my temper, yet again, and begging for that ‘slow to anger’ character trait He shows me. And only when I look back, I see, God is making me new.

It’s cutting the veggies you know they don’t want because you love the little bodies God gave them and want to teach them to be healthier that you ever were.

Fighting can be as obvious as taking care of a sick child who requires constant attention and meds 3 times a day to keep them alive and comfortable while you fight for your other children to still know your love for them is true and you’d do the same for them as their sibling if it were they who were sick.

Fighting is me going to to my kids and telling them, “I don’t do this momma thing perfectly. I fail. i love you but I don’t love you perfectly. Sometimes, I tell you one thing and I do another. But God, your Heavenly Father? He will not fail you. He will love you perfectly, without fault for all eternity. Don’t ever walk away from that love- there’s nothing else that will satisfy.” And that’s annoyingly humbling, but, they’re worth that fight from my pride.

Other times I am running errands to help make their new bedrooms feel like an extension of who they are and what they love when I get interrupted with a text to go to the park with friends, and that’s fun so, I let my plans fall and enjoy community for them, for me.

I fight with every dirty dish I want to just clean up myself, but call them away from doing something they don’t want to stop doing because, I want them to learn responsibility. Or I follow through with a consequence that hurts me just as much as it hurts them, because, this is how they learn obedience…and and and…

We FIGHT for our kids. We fight because we LOVE them. We do the hard things because they are worth it.

It’s exhausting, you guys. But in those rare, quiet times, God gives us glimpses of Hope that He is working through us and our ‘fight’, although sometimes imperfect, it is not in vain. And as we pray for their little souls, we can know we are not alone. God is doing a perfect work in their imperfect selves, a billion other moms are doing the same thing and we are just a prayer away from His sweet presence.




  • Reply July 14, 2015

    momma b

    Beautifully written!

  • Reply July 17, 2015


    Well put!! As always you are so encouraging. Thank you

  • Reply July 31, 2015

    Rachel Ross

    Yes! Yes! Yes!! Perfectly written!!

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