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What a journey hosting a Kickstarter is- especially when you go into it knowing, “there’s NO WAY I can do this alone” alongside a main course of “God’s not letting me back down from a the 20K goal.” Because you guys, y’all, people, I wanted to. I wanted to play it safe- $20K isn’t safe.

Guess what? God.Showed.Up. and it was through you. You have taken your checkbooks, your budget, your hard-earned money and made room to say, “YES!” I want to be a part of God’s Kingdom work! I want to play a part in bringing, ‘Redemption For All’ through what God is doing through Garment Collective!!”

And I wish I could hug you, high five you and laugh and cry (happy tears!) with each and every one of you for that. I am a GAZILLION percent convinced, God is in, Garment Collective‘s mission.

And I’m so thankful to you.

There’s this theology thing my heart has been wrestling with, as the Kickstarter goal was getting closer to being reached and then, we hit it and surpassed it- “Whoa, God. What is this?!” As I talked through with Him and through talking to my husband, I’ve concluded,

God doesn’t force His people to give (or do anything) but He whispers to us, He nudges us and we can either listen and act in obedience or ignore it and move on. (only to feel guilty every time the crazy blogger/garment collective designer posts another update about the Kickstarter!)

I’m NOT saying you all are supposed to give. I don’t know what God is saying to YOU. I just know what He’s saying to me and I’m about to tell you…

After intense praise and prayer with my beloved tonight, talking through why we have already reached our goal, and not in the “nick of time” or “by the skin of our teeth” like I figured we might, but now…with flying, “GOD IS BIGGER” colors, and with…

more time.

I have felt more nudging, more whispering- “Keep going. It’s not finished, My work here isn’t done, you have more time.”

And I’m not going to ignore it. We have more time and God is still doing– I guess He must still be whispering, I know He is for me. He’s cheering me on, sometimes through His presence and other times, through sweet friends.

We have more time to make a difference. We have more time to play our part in bringing “Redemption For All”. We have more time to see God do His good work through His people during the Kickstarter . It ends January 24th at 11:19pm and it doesn’t change, even though we met our goal (and I think that’s so exciting!)

So I’m asking, will you join? Will you pray and ask God how you can play a part? Do you have a business and would you like to collaborate with us, to share with your people what we are doing? Or are you an influence who has viewers that would sink their teeth into this opportunity to put an end to modern-day slavery? Friends? Family? Church group?

I’m asking because I know God’s not done. I am praying for our next, “Redemption For All” goal of $25K (less than $3000 left to go!) to be met because we have time and I know God has purpose in that.

Looking back on my marriage, going on 10 years, there has been blessings, but they were usually in the midst of really.hard.times. Ministry flops, unexplained job loss, poverty, moving 7 times, church plant ending due to a sickly child, a sickly Zekey, a devastating diagnosis of Batten disease in my boy, leaving our home to move with family, losing our Zekey as he went Home to meet His Maker and Savior, Jesus….it’s been so rough.

We are at a turning point, a place where God’s blessing isn’t paired with such ache and pain. There’s some crazy, God-sized dreams unfolding in our lives and we are overwhelmed by God’s goodness.

But here’s my point in the last two paragraphs- “Our circumstances have (and are excitedly) changing, but God has always been constant and good and we haven’t denied that, even when life felt anything but.”

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil FOR THOU ART WITH ME; Your rod and your staff, they comfort me!” YES, YOU GUYS! We felt comforted, even in such ache and sorrow and chaos. We felt that when “the valley of the shadow of death” was our life, we look back and we SEE that He was SO with us and He was SO GOOD!”

And now we feel we are entering:

“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in ashes of righteousness for HIS NAME’S SAKE” (Garment collective. My husband’s new book. And many others!”

You see, He is CONSTANT and He is GOOD, no matter if in that deep, dark valley, or peacefully lying down in green pastures, near still waters. He doesn’t change. He is faithful and good

Will you pray and will you join our Kickstarter and think of other ways you can tell others? I say this as if I am hopping up and down, warming up before the 400 meter dash (I keep picturing this…I can’t help it!). There’s more coming. Will you be a part of what God’s doing?

I am so excited. I am crazy-excited to get my designs finalized, fabrics chosen, patterns created (by the manufacturer), and to see Garment Collective’s story continue to unfold. Come along with us! It’s going to be SO GREAT!!

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