Garment Collective: What’s a Kickstarter? Why $20k?

Oh the excitement that comes with launching a dream! I am having a blast sharing the story of Garment Collective but I wanted to take some time to write out a bit more about what a Kickstarter is and WHY $20k to raise?!


Kickstarters are CRAAAAZY! Amirite?!

(photo by Rachel Ade)

Why I am doing a Kickstarter and why do I need $20k?!

First off, if you have not already, please check out the Kickstarter here to see what I’m referring to.

Many of you know, I have been blogging here for years. I have shared with all of you as we have walked what has been the hardest season- losing our once healthy son to seizures (click on #PrayZekey to read more of his story) because of Batten Disease and then his final breath on March 23rd of this year. For the first year and a half of his health declining, we didn’t know what was happening. We feared but hoped. We cried but praised Jesus. We were weak but Jesus is so strong.

Family Hope

We are truly learning what living out Hope in heartache looks like and continue to until Heaven and earth collide. #ZekeyLives because #JesusLives.

Zekey lived a strong, beautiful life even in a weak, chaotic, last two years of his life. You guys THIS is why I am launching Garment Collective with a bang! With a Kickstarter! ZEKEY showed me how to live boldly and strong because of all Jesus has done.

I REFUSE to let what God taught me through Zekey’s life, just fall to the wayside. No.Way.

Zekey’s story was shared all over the world and has changed lives. His story CONNECTED me to a manufacturer out in Nepal. A manufacturer who gets it. They KNOW what bringing Hope to people looks like. They take the poorest and most marginalized people in society (if you need an example, imagine women who have experienced slavery. NOT OKAY!!) and bring them in, show them how humans are REALLY supposed to be treated. They take time to TEACH them, to build into them that THEY HAVE INVALUABLE WORTH! These beautiful artisans learn that they have God-given gifts that can change their lives. These women are then able to provide for their family! And these beautiful artisans, they are bringing my designs to life- they bring life to Garment Collective.

THIS is why I am pushing for Garment Collective to go big. I want to hear MORE STORIES of these women living out redemption because I want to see, “Redemption For All”! Don’t you?!

And here is the thing…these women (and more women if we provide more jobs through launching a fuller line at Garment Collective!!!) can only get jobs if they are given work.

“So, tell me again, why $20k ?!” you ask?

Because that’s what it costs to source fabric where there will be ZERO SLAVERY. That is what it costs to PAY THESE WOMEN WHAT THEY DESERVE!!!

Let’s break it down (HAMMER TIME!)

  • Zero Slavery
  • Women, the artisans bringing my designs to life are paid FAIR wage. Fair and not cheated.
  • The artisans are given counseling to teach them how to save and manage the money they earn.
  • Fabric is sourced without slavery. Did I mention this already? We do NOT tolerate slavery.
  • Tags, prints, buttons, zippers…the pretty details, basically.
  • Shipping from Nepal to Ohio isn’t cheap, especially in bulk.
  • Shipping the garments from my house to yours (SO EXCITING!)
  • Packaging
  • Getting out a full line. Not just a shirt here maybe two next season. Shirts, skirts, tops and all.the.things. Pretty garments to wear = more jobs for these women. For me, it’s a no brainer.

What’s the process like? How does it all work?!

The process? It’s actually REALLY fun for me.

  • I am inspired to bring a design I have thought up, to life
  • I get that design out by drawing and sketching.
  • I send a detailed sketch  and fabric choice to the pattern maker for him to make a first draft or what we call a ‘sample’ piece.
  • They send the sample piece back to me (from Nepal to Ohio) and we make any necessary changes.
  • We finalize, communicate via email or phone as needed until the bulk order is here and ready to be redemptively worn.


Out of practice but I’m getting better. LOVE drawing! LOVE creating!



The details. I usually do not like details but when it means making sure my designs are made as I envision them?! Bring on #ALLTHEDETAILS!


I WILL make an emerald green dress. It’s a must.

Sure. I could start out small and build my business one shirt at a time. I could keep taking my profit and putting it back into my business and slowly grow. But, I want to fight a little harder right now. for these women.

And I will. If I have to, I will grow slowly. I will fight to not make my name great, but make the name of Jesus great! To hear that more jobs are being provided for these women and honestly, as a momma, to see my son’s life continue to show just how AMAZING our Jesus is!

But, here is what I have picked up:

Jesus takes GARBAGE like Batten disease and makes beautiful things. Through a dream. A beautiful, strong boy named Zekey. Beautiful women who are living out Hope.

Yes, designing clothes was a dream of mine but it NEVER motivated me enough to actually pursue it. Zekey does. These beautiful artisans bringing my designs to life…THAT is motivating, you guys.

Garment Collective is NOT about clothes. It’s about bringing “Redemption For All”


Give what you can (every bit counts! Every bit makes a difference!) and SHARE IT. Let’s collectively come together and see “Redemption For All” unfold!

Click here to donate.

How can you SHARE?

Instagram : Just re-gram a picture from my feed, (possibly the one below?) tag me @breenaholt and @garmentcollective and share your heart. Include #garmentcollective #redempionforall and whatever else you feel works best.


Facebook : “Like” Garment Collective!When you go to my kickstarter link, under the video there is a button to share. Be sure to add the hashtags #garmentcollective and #redemptionforall in the comments section! Also, share your thoughts about the story!

Email : Email your people! Yoga class friends, bible study girls, life groups, churches. I KNOW there are people who are passionate about ending slavery! This is doing just that!

Host a Meet-up : For the locals- Ohio and surrounding areas, I am SO happy to share more about the garment collective story! Just let me know when and where!

We KNOW we cannot do this without you. And with Kickstarter, you either raise the full amount, or you raise nothing. We make it to $20k or you make $0. I am believing for a fully funded Kickstarter! Believe with us?! Join with us?!

All involved, from the fabric workers, to the beautiful artisans, to me…we ALL THANK YOU at Garment Collective!


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  • Reply December 22, 2014

    Victoria Wilson

    I only followed you recently on IG and am just now catching your entire story. Oh, Bree. As a mama my heart aches for you. But as a Christian, my soul rejoices with you. Praising God for the work he’s done, and continues to do, through this suffering. The Lord is mighty to save! Thank you for sharing so openly, friend. I’m excited about Garment Collective!

  • […] Garment Collective: What’s a Kickstarter? Why $20k? […]

  • […] Garment Collective: What’s a Kickstarter? Why $20k? […]

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