#ZekeyLives – November 7th

An earthly father who fights for his family, his calling on earth and sharing the gospel in “Jesus flipping tables” kind of ways, is definitely worth mentioning.

This is Andrew (TheSometimesPreacher) who I love most- Zekey’s beloved father.

When chaos would strike my heart and mind and fears would creep in, it was Andy’s wisdom that pulled me back to the truth of it all.

When I wanted to search out earthy healing for our boy and I wanted to change his diet and make everything okay, Andy showed grace. Sure, I frustrated him with my latest way to heal Zekey but so many times he brought me in and in a way that simply said, “Jesus.”

When I was completely stressed out with all the things that came with a child with Batten disease, still having not known the diagnosis, he sent me out every Saturday morning to recharge.

What I love most about this man, is his love for our children. He wants to be with them. He hates extra things that pull him away. He wants them to understand the Jesus of the bible.

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And he loved Zekey so well and continues to. He is currently writing a book and I am 100% positive it is going to bless so many people who are walking in loss, disappointment, grief, etc.

He has gone through the wringer. Loss of a job (unfairly), loss of a church plant due to Zekey’s illness and the loss of his son, our precious son Ezekiel Todd.

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Sure, we’ve gone through this together but I have never met a man so dedicated to following God’s will for his life, regardless of the brokenness of this world that has tried to get in his way. His life is for God and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in a man.

Zekey got a good one, they all did- a father who loved him until the very end with love and grace. A father who writes and preaches about getting to see his boy again, because of Jesus. Zekey’s story continues as his father is writing and praying and dreaming about his boy still.

10 years dating this guy and having gone through such great trials of loss and disappointment and yet, I would have chosen no one else to walk this life.

I look forward to the day where I see Andy and Zekey talking together, man to man. Brother to brother.

All because of Jesus….

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Counting down the days until Zekey’s birthday on the 19th, with thankfulness.

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It’s no longer #prayforZekey but #ZekeyLives



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    Aunt Jan

    Andy is an amazing man of God. What sweet pictures. The family one…Cyrus loving on his brother. The last one…daddy loving on his boy. Tears flow, but with joy because we have HOPE! I love you all!

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