#ZekeyLives – November 6th

Today I’m thankful for many of you.

For those who walked through the devastating time when we didn’t know what was happening to our Zekey and I was an anxious momma, all the time, thank you.

For those who stayed in or stepped in our lives and did life with us when our world was falling apart and my worst nightmare unfolded before my eyes but still loved us through it, thank you.

For those who watched my faith tested time and time again, my marriage sometimes seem like it wouldn’t survive it all and believed for me when I couldn’t myself, thank you.

For those who gave grace when you came to an extremely messy house because I was tired and wore out and had a boy who was into everything, thank you.

For those who didn’t judge during our deepest pain and most challenging trials that seemed to pile on top of each other, thank you.

For those who believed the best, even at our worst, thank you.

For those who loved my kids as their own, giving Andy and I free date nights to connect, thank you.

For those who prayed fervently for us to be lifted up to the only One who could carry our burdens, thank you.

For those who shared and continue to share Zekey’s story as his life, reflecting so much of Jesus has brought hope to thousands, thank you.

For the encouraging words, reminding me God’s still at work in Zekey’s story, thank you.

For those who gave to the Ezekiel Holt Memorial Fund so we could celebrate Zekey’s life for two weeks out West, THANK YOU! Celebrate we did!

For the tears and prayers and hugs and yes, for those who were silent because they didn’t know what to say, thank you.

God has used each and every one of you to help Andy and I carry out the story He is telling through our Zekey, in the midst of loss and heartache.

It’s been such a hard road, but He has been faithful as have so many of you.

I know Zekey is thankful, too.

If you didn’t hear this, hear it now…we are thankful to you.

And always thankful to God for His unwavering love through it all and for His perfect gift to us all, Jesus for now I live out Hope in heartache because, #ZekeyLives

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