#ZekeyLives – November 3rd

I do not fully understand “All Saints Day” as it seems the way it is celebrated is vastly different from doctrine to doctrine. Some believe it’s a day that all God’s people in heaven and on earth are spiritually connected.

I really appreciated my pastor bringing it up on Sunday. I had kind of forgotten about it but it made my heart full of joy and I wanted to scream, “YES!” because for me, it’s a day to remember the Saints, or those who are in Christ, who have gone on before us, and to acknowledge that we will see them again- we are spiritually connected every day, because Jesus’ gift is every day.

And then we took communion and it was perfect. The kids were in service this week and I talked to them about communion and they understood what it meant and so we allowed them to take it.

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And it was beautiful. There was an unspeakable reverence there I hadn’t felt in awhile. The Holy Spirit was very present. I began to remember bringing Zekey up front for Ash Wednesday not too many months earlier. And I imagined him with us, taking communion and it silently wrecked me for Jesus all over again.


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I have always been thankful for the Cross- that most perfect gift given to all of us, by the Son of God, Jesus. That we might except it as our gift and lay our lives at His feet, making Him the king of our hearts and living out a Hope like none other.

But then, I lost my boy, Zekey and I am more thankful today than I was before. Maybe that’s super unChristian and selfish of me but I’m over that lie by the time you finish this sentence.

God gets it…He knows our hearts long to be together again. We were created in His image and that means we long for these really good things because He is good.

If you have a half hour, and you’ve experience loss or are going through a season of doubt or uncertainty, please oh please consider listening to this sermon. It will speak truth, real truth to your soul and I believe God will bring you a peace as you listen. Go here.

And if you have less time, consider reading this.

Understanding how we lost Eden, through sin entering the world but how we get to have a new Eden, as an underserved gift for those in Christ, blows my mind at times.

“Why?” I think. “Why do we get so much, even while we have sinned and sinned some more!”

“Why oh why do I get to see my boy again?! Why do I get to someday LIVE an ETERNITY without any more pain or sorrow? I do NOT deserve that. I have sinned and I have sinned some more and I will sin yet still.”

“Why doesn’t it just end? We live our lives and then we’re done. What did we possibly do to deserve to get to live a life, in Heaven, to be free from pain and trouble, to be with all the Body of Christ forever and ever?!”

Nothing. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

This is CRAZY! This is EXCITING! This…this is the underserved gift from Jesus at the Cross. And it’s given freely to all of us.

And, I really DO get to see my boy again! My sin is NOT too great for what Jesus did. Even I get to receive this most precious gift.

And you do too.

Zekey had a smile that melted hearts. His smile came from a joy stemming from Jesus. It’s as if he knew all along, his Home awaited him and Jesus was ready to receive him after those 4 years, 4 months and 4 days.

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I’m thankful that Zekey smiled until the end. He wasn’t afraid. He was strengthened by God Himself.

I get to see my boy again and weep at the feet of the One who made it possible. My friend and Savior, Jesus.

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