Embraces From God Through You

What is it about the last few days that have filled our hearts up.? Through God’s people, God has given us embraces that have filled our hearts.

A few days ago, we received a call that was full of encouragement from people we hold in high regard as they have been so good to us during some dark days- Our pastors from LifePoint church.

Funny…I just stumbled across THIS post and as I read over my “requirements” for finding a church…it’s as if I was describing LifePoint and we went the following week! God is SO SO GOOD!!!!

Last night, some of my dearest friends from Grace Church got together over coffee and gave me this bag, to celebrate Zekey’s birthday and the new line!




Today? Well, this conversation happened…

Andy, “Hey, have you checked the mail lately?”

Me, “Uhhh. NO! Ooops! I think I’ve checked it one time since we moved here (2 months ago)!”

Andy gets mail. Andy comes back in. ( I promise Andy usually gets it…I just never do! ha!)

Andy, “Uh…we have a LOT of mail.”

Me, “Oh, I am so embarrassed! We are THOSE neighbors!”

Andy, “No, look! A ton of letters from…..”

Our mailbox was full of love letters, encouraging words, scripture prints, to our family, to my kids, to me from women all over the U.S which would have been received on or near Zekey’s birthday on the November 19th…..


I guess this is how I look when my heart is full and I’ve been crying from such love.

Talk about bad timing to forget the mail! haha!

Tears were rolling down my face as I was cooking dinner, opening up the mail and going back between cooking and opening and to add to the beauty, in the background, Daniel Tiger (One of Zekey’s favorite shows) was on for my 3 year old, Bexley and I just couldn’t handle all of the love…My heart was exploding!



It was the BEST work space tonight!


No, I didn’t eat from the gingerbread houses!

I haven’t had time to wrap my mind around “who” exactly rallied all of these women but I came to this conclusion…The Influence Network was the beginning for me. This is where I have met some of THE MOST beautiful women in Christ and have stayed connected for 3 years, finally meeting and hugging some of these women in person this year. And many of the other groups I now love and follow and connect with, have stemmed from such a beautiful community as the Influence Network.

Ladies, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I’ll be enjoying opening these over the next few days, with my littles!

So, I’m typing as tears stream like waterfalls, down my face.

I’m overjoyed. I’m thankful. I am in awe of God’s embrace through so many of you. Our hearts ache and you are reminding us that we are not alone.

If you are reading this and you were a part of these letters or words of encouragement, thank you!!

Picture me, face in my hands, crying out to God with a thankful heart- He is still so present and sometimes, that looks like His people taking the time to love us through words.

We love you all.


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    I love you so much! You are a gift to God’s Kingdom.

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    Love you, too, sister! You have blessed my life greatly, in so many ways!


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