#ZekeyLives – November 8th

I’m thankful for Zekey’s grandparents. When we lived in Westerville, OH, I grew a ton as a person. I learned how to do the stay-at-home momma, pastor’s wife thing without a ton of help. It was challenging but I am so thankful for that time I learned that Jesus would get me through whatever was going on in the day.

I learned it was actually possible to take 4 kids to the dr. (and far too often). I learned that I was capable of leading worship and getting the kids to church on time. I learned to take time away for myself so I could be everything God called me to be as a momma.

But when the grandparents came, it was so nice. I loved the company. I loved watching my kids loved on by other family. The excitement they had when they would come and the sadness they showed when they left.

The kids would line up on the couch in Westerville and look out, waiting for either my parents or Andy’s. And when they left, they’d stand at the glass, storm door until the car was out of sight.

For me, as an exhausted momma of 4, 5 and under, I just loved that bit of relief. I didn’t have to do it all for a few days.

When Zekey was falling from seizures and into everything, it was nice to have an extra set of hands to love on him and help him walk.

The trips to Target to get the kids toys and clothes, the extra things done around the house…it was all such a relief. Such a gift and memories we will cherish forever.

The future Breena, me now, looks back and I’m sad for the past Breena. Is this weird? Getting weird, right?

I just remember all of the hardships endured and how she just wanted to save her boy all while being in the thick of the early years of mothering. She was so tired and trying to love all of her kids well, in the midst of chaos. But see I Jesus there, too.  Jesus holding her in the quiet moments and speaking to her heart in the loud, chaotic ones.

Thank you, grandparents, for breaking those times up with your much loved visits to see us! Thank you for your willingness to serve me and love on your grandchildren. Thank you for letting me and Andy get a date. Thank you for your prayers and your tears with us. Thank you for listening when I just needed to get.it.out. My fears, my joys, my Hope, my sorrows.Your sacrificial love does not go unnoticed.

Thank you, Holts, for taking us in to your home while we made Zekey’s last months with us memorable, special and comfortable. The kids have such great memories.

Zekey loved you each, in different ways. Zekey now loves you perfectly and you will get to feel love perfectly someday, too- in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Thank you SO much for loving him so well. What a grand reunion when we are all together again- when we go Home.

Another day to be thankful, even on this side of #LivingoutHopeinheartache. Living in the truth that #prayforZekey is no longer necessary, but now, rejoicing that #ZekeyLives.

Counting down the days until Zekey’s birthday on the 19th, with thankfulness.

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