When Heaven Feels Close

Tonight, I find myself weary, but the kind of weary that reminds me of the closeness I felt of God in those days  in Westerville, OH where there was no family. Just my heavenly Father, being the rock I needed to go on another day. It’s a familiar place- a place that brings peace and a sense of home. I’m okay with it, tears and all and I even find myself craving it at times.

Two songs came on K-Love today that were timely.

Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice as I think of how close Zekey is to Jesus. God is so near to the brokenhearted. The closer I am to Zekey, tears falling on his cheeks, I feel so close to home. The place he’ll be entering someday, too soon.


Broken Hallelujah” by The Afters I’m free to cry these lyrics out when I am alone, holding Zekey. I don’t feel abandoned by God- that would be false. He hasn’t left me and He sure hasn’t left Zekey. But, I am broken because of pain but I can and will still cry out Hallelujah.


Photo Credit:Me in Toledo, OH

Let’s be excited for heaven (This song done by David Crowder makes me SO excited for heaven! yay!) but in pain you may be facing here on earth, feel free to cry out through your tears. He wants you- all of you. His love is great and can handle our brokenness.



  • Reply February 14, 2014

    Julie Morgan

    I have found one of the biggest blessings of loosing a child is how it draws your heart closer to heaven and to the LORD. Yes, it is painful but often what is best for us is hard. Praying God continues to draw you close to Him and makes the hope of heaven a very real reality in your everyday. Praying Zeke will be healed soon. Love you.

  • Reply February 14, 2014


    I have seen this blessing as well. Even though Zekey is still with us, we have lost so much of him but I know loosing his physical body will bring on a whole new kind of sadness. Loosing Zekey is a result of a broken world so it makes me more and more excited to see heaven come down, making ALL THINGS NEW. Where suffering is no longer. Blessings to you, friend. You are near to my heart and praying. Love you.

  • Reply March 3, 2014

    Liana Bomar

    Praying for you and your family . You are such a special beautiful and girl .

    • Reply March 24, 2014


      Thank you so much, Liana. Love to you and your sweet family

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