My Birthday + A New Home

January 24th I turned 29. This birthday was sweet. So very, precious and savory- like the perfect dessert next to a cup of Joe, you just do not want it to end. Why, you ask?

It started with my wonderful husband planning the day out perfectly, sitters and all + my secretly (or not so secretly) praying for a snow day for the kids so we could all be together all day long. Extra snuggles on my birthday is the wish I had!

And then, if you can even imagine it here in Ohio, the kids had a SNOW DAY! (this being snow day #6 of what is currently 10 snow days for the 2013-2014 school year).


I woke up to the marvelous smell of crepes made by one of the best cooks I’ve known, my mother-in-law. Delicious toppings of freshly pressed raspberry sauce, a mix of cinnamon and sugar- and to finish, syrup or honey. Thank you, Bebe Jean! Thank you!


I then opened the gift my kids worked on late into the night before. My heart swelled as they put so much time, love and excitement into it. I felt so loved and all of the blood, sweat and tears put into loving my kids was made right as I opened their precious gift to me- rainbow necklaces, of course!


Next, we had a good laugh at the gift from my husband.  He heard me as I mentioned my need for a body form and went to town. They’re just so funny, especially to confused, little children. “Where’s the head?” “Why doesn’t she have legs?”


Later on, Andy seemed to be frazzled as his plans for taking me to lunch and then dinner (I know…so much food!) were a bit shaken when the kids were home because of a snow day. So I suggested we go bowling with Cyrus and Eisley- something I thought would be light-hearted fun! We laughed at ourselves, danced funny when we got strikes…oh, wait, I was the only one to do that…silly me.


When I came home, Zeke gave me his birthday gift, too. He looked into my eyes, something he can barely do anymore and hasn’t done much in about 3 months as his sight is deteriorating. Zekey smiled and laughed for what felt like eternity. I’ll be forever grateful for his most perfect of gift. Thank you, Jesus.


The night was finished with the older two heading to my parent’s house for the night and Andy and I went to see “Saving Mr. Banks” which was done well and tugged at the heart-strings.

To all who took part in making my birthday special, thank you. For the messages, phone calls, crepes and babysitting, to the children who blessed me beyond imagination and a husband who continues to love me better year by year. I am so blessed.

And to celebrate myself, I wanted to welcome you to my new website! Isn’t it lovely? I designed it and my hubby from made my design come to life. I’m still tweaking it but I thought I’d invite you to my new home.


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Enjoy looking around! Would love to know what you think in the comment section below!






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