Bexley Jane Turns 2

Oh, this girl. She is such a blessing. On her 1st birthday, I was in the hospital with Zekey. On her second, I came home from the hospital with Zekey the day before.

It’s been different then most 1st and 2nd years of life, but this is our life and we do our best to love with our everything all while pointing our babies to Jesus.

If you read my previous post, you can get a small glimpse into the difficulty I had in celebrating Bexley on her birthday. We were still unsure if that would be her last “normal” birthday or if she’d be free of a death sentence- Batten Disease.

Her birthday party was sweet. Family gathered ’round and we celebrated in ways most families will never know. We celebrated her and all the beautiful ways God created her to be, but we also celebrated that this would be another of many more years to come. Years full of life and growth, not slow death and decline.

Bexley Jane is one of the goofiest 2-year-olds you’ll ever meet, other than my other 3 at her age 😉 I’m not sure what it is about the Buchholz in me and the Holt in Andy but this combination made our kids so very silly & we love it!

Bexley is also sweet, strong, intelligent, and independent. I look forward to watching her personality continue to evolve all while Andy and I learn how to teach her the importance of Jesus in her life and how to love like Him.

Enjoy these photos. Please excuse the lack of focus but instead focus on all the cuteness.

We can celebrate because we have hope in Jesus. This isn’t our home (heaven is coming down!) but for now, we find joy in these moments given.

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    I love Tex Mex Bex! Such fun pictures. Cracked us up!

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