A Spirit of Thankfulness


Lately, in the hustle and bustle of getting settled in our new, temporary home (that’s spiritual talk right there, y’all-but real talk) I have found my time of getting alone or even in a regular communion with God is a challenge.

Being an extrovert, I LOVE that someone is always in the house, always. I LOVE IT! But, it seems to distract me from the communion I felt with my Heavenly Father when there was no one to talk to because, He was there to talk to…so I did. A lot. And although that has changed, thankfully, I still feel His nearness. Always, so close by.

About 2 weeks ago(ish) I found myself praying fervently for my son’s healing, believing and just conversing with God about it but feeling like God was calling me to more-ushering to get closer to Him. So, I asked, “God, how do you want me to pray?”

This wasn’t me asking Him what the magic words were or right order of prayer was, but asking Him to give me a specific way in which He was calling me to pray, during this season. I wanted to bless Him and as always, He wanted to bless me (no matter what that looks like, He is ALWAYS looking out for our good.)

I kept asking Him whenever I had a few moments of order and my brain could hold on to some sort of thought/prayer towards God. It took 5 days of asking and I was given a simple answer. “Pray with a spirit of Thankfulness”

Isn’t it funny, how something you know is right to do, you’ve read a hundred times over, something your momma has reminded you over and over and yet it never sinks in quite like when the Holy Spirit brings it upon you? I mean, seriously. I know I should know better. I have listened to my momma, I have!

What I think happened when the Holy Spirit spoke to me, was that I had obeyed in understanding there was more I should be doing in my daily prayers and so I asked believing I would receive. And my obedience was blessed with a simple answer but one that would draw me ever nearer to The Father.

So, I can read that I should have a thankful heart, and I feel I have. I can hear my momma tell me to praise God in all things, and often times, although it feels awkward while I hold my slowly, dieing son, I can do it.

But, I sought out The Father to bless and obey Him more through my prayers and His answer re-defined being thankful for me. He wanted me to LIVE in a spirit of thankfulness. Do you see the difference? God opened my eyes to bless Him by looking around, no matter what is going on and see the many blessings. To have a spirit of thankfulness is to live with a thankful heart, seeking God’s hand in all things because when we see that, how can we not be completely in awe and…thankful!

Practicing this is good. So good. I enjoy things differently. It doesn’t feel awkward thanking God for things during this season because He redefined my definition and I’m so, so…wait for it, THANKFUL!

Today, I’m overwhelmed by God’s grace poured out in our transition to new schools and a new home. It’s too much peace to be anything other than Him. Too many details have fallen together. Thank you, God. You are good.

Blessings, friends!


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    He is worthy!

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    I found your blog by ‘fluke’ -through Mandy at She Breathes Deeply, and I just wanted to tell you my heart goes out to you and your family and your precious little Zeke. He is so beautiful, and it is so troubling as a mama myself ( 2 little boys) to think of his suffering. I just wanted you to know I was praying for you tonight, and if there is one thing I am 110% positive about, it is that heaven is not as far from earth as we think, and Zeke, you and your family are covered in God’s love here, and there.
    love from Ontario.

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