You’re Reachable, Wherever You Are.

*Just heard an AMAZING sermon that, in some ways goes along with what I wrote here (but you should listen to it b/c it’s 10X better, here tomorrow a.k.a. Monday) and when this happens, this blogger is like,” YEAH, GOD! WHOOT WHOOT! I hear ya!…now I gots to go an apply it…”

In this lifetime, each day is a gift. Heard that before? It hits home when someone we care about looses their life in an instant. They were there and then they weren’t. I believe this thought, ‘each day is a gift’ can go even deeper than that. Each day is a gift and we can choose to grow closer or grow further from Jesus. A gift to take the faith you have, whatever that looks like, whether great or small and go deeper and see what this God thing is all about, or learn to trust Him like you’ve never before.

Being a Christian for 23 years now, I can say, I still have this choice. Every time I respond to my child’s whining, someone is hurtful towards me (or my baby…momma bear!), willingness to confess sin to a friend and forgiveness when you’ve been hurt, etc., etc., etc. I am not opted out because I said, “yes” to Jesus once. I take the faith I have and I can choose to stay here and be stagnant, turn away in the midst of trial or push my faith deeper into Him.

We have all been given the best gift of all, the gift of salvation. Salvation is for all but it says in the bible, not all will accept it. This is where I am saddened…I have people in my life or people I come in contact with and I just want salvation for them so bad! Ya know who else thinks like that? God himself. He wants us to accept His gift because in His gift is eternal life and it’s not just ‘life’, it’s going to be freaking amazing! Like, your best day X’s 1000000000000. Right? Right? Yeah.

God can reach you just as you are today. If you are exhausted from life, overjoyed with the amount of blessing you’ve received, angry or sad and wondering ‘why, God?’, caught up in sin even though you know it’s slowly killing you and those around you. You.Are.Reachable. God has been pursuing you since the day you were born (and before that, as you were uniquely created in HIS image!)…okay and even before that through Jesus…but I’ll stop. You get the idea that you are very pursue-able 😉

“We bear God’s image in that we are free moral agents. God intentionally created us with the freedom to choose to obey him or disobey him. This is remarkable! God had every right to create intelligent beings without freedom; beings who would always choose to obey him no matter the circumstances. Instead, he created us: intelligent beings who could freely use their powers for evil—people who would set themselves up as rivals to God. God knew this would happen, and yet he showed such unconcern for his own unique majesty that he created free moral beings, a little lower than himself, and gave them the charge of ruling creation. In this he has revealed not simply his all-surpassing power, but the infinite well of humility out of which all else that is true of him flows.” -The Sometimes Preacher

You can read more on his post here.

Where you are right now, you can ask God to show you more of Him. If you’ve never asked Jesus into your life in a way that states you want to live for Him and learn what it’s like to do so (we are all learning…I’m not even close to ‘getting it’ yet). He will show you. But, you have to take that step…don’t be afraid, don’t let the voices around you keep you from making the most important decision of your life. Being a Christ-follower doesn’t make this world ‘safe’ but it does enter you into a world with a whole new meaning of ‘safe’. You’re safe because death can no longer hold you…there will be a much better place for you coming. < —that’s another post 😉

As I continue to press into God, He continues to humble me, showing Himself more and more. He keeps calling me to love those who are not easily loveable (for me, at least) and sometimes, I get these random “ah ha!” moments and they bless me. This is available to all. To you, your aunt, and that person that reminds you of Matthew 5:44 ” But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Thankfully, God doesn’t play favorites. Just because so and so goes to church weekly doesn’t make them more reachable than, let’s say, someone who hasn’t been there in years. Your sin isn’t too much for God to love you through it. He sees you as if Jesus is a lens standing in front of you. You are seen through the perfect life lived, unfair death and resurrection of Jesus. Now, that’s beautiful. You’re beautiful (or handsome…details 😉 )

God also tells us to ask for wisdom and we’ll get it.James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” I will say, although these nuggets (I don’t like that word but I can’t think of anything reminds me of McDonald’s) of wisdom or “ah-ha!” moments seem “random” to me,  but they are not random to Him. He has his timing and I have to be at a place to receive, to hear Him, if you will. And this kind of thing takes time and perseverance.

So, be encouraged to start where you are right now. Pray that prayer if you haven’t. Ask questions to a friend or co-worker that you trust in finding out more of what living a life for Jesus is supposed to look like. Go back to church. Start believing God for the unbelievable (Zeke’s healing, for instance) or start loving more in line with the way Jesus loves…whatever the next step, take it in faith. God’s already there and He’s excited for you to get to know Him better because, then, you’ll get to know who you really are…the way He orignally created you to be, in the beautiful image of God.

Be blessed, friends!


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