When The Body Hurts The Body

I”m frustrated.
I’m so sick of the ways that the devil is silently dividing the Body of Christ. I’m frustrated by it!
The subtle ways Satan gets us to hurt each other.
I see it.
I hear it.
I feel it.
I do it. You do it.I hate it.I feel like it’s everywhere.

I want to start by saying, there are plenty of areas in which The Body is getting things right. I have posted about our church and how they have served our family, there are Christ-followers dedicating their lives to stating and running non-profits in order to help those who cannot help themselves and give these people the hope of Jesus. There are people dedicating their hearts to praying for those who need it most, living in foreign countries for the sake of “winning souls to Jesus, if you will”. God’s kingdom is coming and through these kinds of things and many others, we’re ushering Him back. So, there is much hope to cling to!

Then, there’s this other side where I see or hear, (and sometimes feel or do myself) one or more of The Body hurt another one of The Body. And it’s burdening to me.

How can we be so blind?! Isn’t this the very thing that makes The Body weak? We can’t even love each other well!  We let feelings of hate, jealousy, pride in being “more right” than another, serving others outwardly but not so much in the heart. Ignoring those who aren’t helping you make it to the top whether that means in your business, social networking life, friend group or in the church. Keeping our community tight-knit as to not surround ourselves with people who stretch us beyond what is comfortable. Well, unless it’s a day we go out and serve the less fortunate of course.

I wish my eyes were blind to it, but then again, if they were, I couldn’t work on myself, where I fall in these categories. I also am not a fan of being the one to blog about difficult things. I don’t like it buuut, I”m passionate about what is revealed to me. I can’t keep it in. The nice thing is you can take it or leave it. You don’t have to read this blog, but here you are. Reading. So, do with this as you wish.

Something I want to point out and it’s on my heart often is this:

We are not ‘just’ feeling this way toward each other or sometimes acting upon it. It’s not just, “Oh, I need to work on that.” It’s goes SO MUCH DEEPER! The enemy is hard at work against The Body. It’s a fact that you can only deny for so long. Read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Ephesians 6:12
12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Am I blaming our sin on the enemy? No but we have been given The Holy Spirit who gives us all we need to overcome sin every.single.time. What I am saying is, “WE NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES, FRIENDS!!!” Our feelings of pride, hate, etc.,etc., etc. are ways The Body becomes weak and the enemy LOVES that. He wouldn’t dare make you feel bad, though because guilt might be the first step in redemption. No, he wants us to think “everybody does it” or “Who do they think they are judging me?!”

How can we stand hand in hand, doing all God calls us to and share the gospel to the lost if we ourselves are living in a broken and hurtful community without search of redemption?

So, if the Holy Spirit lives inside us, giving us all we need to overcome sin, are we actually letting Him? When we let ourselves become distracted, prideful, and turn serving into a checklist and forget the person we’re helping is an actual person and may need more than to be served, are we truly fulfilling our calling as The Body of Christ?

And another point that breaks my heart…why oh why do you think people point at “those Christians” in blame for not feeling loved?! Why do we have to deal with the fact that gay people think we hate them? Why are  those who need prayer unable to see that need? Has anyone given them the revelation in the power of prayer?! Offered it to them and then prayed with them and continued to?!

The Body isn’t just some title we are given. God wants to work through us to reach others for Jesus. There are different parts, thankfully so as not one of us can do each function but we need to take our part and do it well. For the sake of the kingdom!

I hate that I am guilty. I hate that I still sometimes struggle loving with true Agape. My kids, they are my at-home ministry and I fail far too often. They need to see The Body in me…are they?

I’ve talked on here many times on how we need to remind our kids that we as their parents are not God and that when we fail, God hasn’t. When we don’t love them well, God is still loving them with perfect love. When we get angry, God isn’t…

Well, our pastor brought up a great challenge to my thought and I’m still wrestling in how to apply it. “Now that the veil is torn and God is freely given to us through the Holy Spirit, when our kids say, “What is God like?’ We should be able to say, ‘Look at me. He lives inside me. See how I am treating your father? See how I responding to you? See how I act on the road when someone cuts me off? See how I am…'”

And then he said, “And I know you’re like, ‘Dean, NO!! I don’t want anyone looking at me!’

…to which his reply was, “Well, too bad. They are.” (Conviction from a sermon is a good thing. It brings change for the better if we let it.)

I couldn’t sink deeper into my seat or feel any more guilt than I did right there. I wanted to fight his thoughts and be that person that says, “No, Pastor Dean…they should know I am human and I fail and I…I…”

And that’s true, we do fail and there is grace that covers a multitude of sins but I realized that my thoughts of reminding my kids that I am not God because of my failure, is kind of a cop out. I can go to them and make sure they know that God loves them more than me and ask for forgiveness when I do not love like Jesus loves, etc. and this is all good but…if I remember that I am the most tangible version of God (< —-people, I am trying so hard not to call myself God and I hope I am not accidentally! hahah! ) that my kids have until their faith is completely their own someday then will I not live more in line with The One living inside me?  We are to glean light on a healthy version of  The Body to our children as Christ dwells within us through the Holy Spirit.

So, how are we doing? I’m feeling I need the armor of God on more than I remember, sometimes. I want my kids, neighbors, all areas of life, etc. to know the TRUE side of The God that lives inside me. Not the brokeness of my flesh that the enemy loves to see (and help) win.

Dear, God! Help me where I fail and remind me that You are alive and dwell inside me. Oh, Holy Spirit who is capable to do much more than I give You credit for, may You use me to breathe life into those around me, especially my children. Forgive me and mold me to be more like Your Son, Jesus. May I be less of a problem to The Body and more a part of the redemption of Your Kingdom Coming. Amen.

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