The storm blew over…

Tonight, after putting the kids to bed, my momma and I headed outside on my back porch as the storm rolled in. The sky threatening, the wind chilling.

I looked up at the dark sky and wondered what Jesus felt as he was up on that cross and the darkest of skies shadowed over him.

I’m so thankful for his sacrifice for by it, all things can and will be made new.

And because the darkest of skies and most evil of crimes were given to my sweet savior, a storm that eventually blew over, our storms can and will, too.

When Zeke is made new and Jesus gets victory yet once again, I fear one thing…to loose this sense of awe, wonder and understanding how I can call my God ‘good’ through all of this.

I fear loosing this ongoing conversation I have with him where there is no guilt when I leave the convo and come back only for a quick, desperate plea of help to get me through another hour of a rough day.

To loose the vision I have, as I pray where God and I are in focus and the world around me is blurry and isn’t capable to bring me pain or joy because it’s just me and my heavenly Father.

This life once so cozy is now a place I see my true calling. In all I do, strive to love with the great love of Jesus. To invite the world into mine so they, too can see there is hope in a broken world. It doesn’t stay this way in the end and we can usher God’s kingdom in our lives right here, right now.

┬áIt was dark and scary but, in the end, we were safe and “the storm blew over”.


  • Reply April 12, 2013


    Just caught up on your posts. Always an encouragement! We’re starting to add the GAPS diet into our routine, and we’re going to remove casien (cringe)and hope that will help us heal what’s left of the asperger’s syndrome. Liam was accepted at the local school for preschoolers with disabilities under the “educational autism” category, so happy/sad about that. No more big seizures since January, thank God! We’ve just been really encouraged to continue giving Liam into God’s hands. I continiue to pray for you and your family! As the gluten free diet goes, I just remind myself often to think in terms of what we can eat (meat and veggies mostly, haha!) because I don’t stress so much when I plan meals. If I start thinking, well we can’t have corn, or wheat, or dairy, or sugar, or- oye! Much easier to plan meals in terms of what we can have! Anyway, continuing to pray for your family and taking joy in the sure knowledge of our eternal home and bodies yet to come!

    • Reply May 19, 2013


      Katie, good for you! This is quite a feat, and I’m sure we’d be doing this as well but I can’t just up and take him off the keto diet as it is a form of medicine (and truly scares me to death). So we wait for dr.’s orders. We have a neuro appointment in Cincinatti this Thursday so we are praying for new options and wisdom poured out on all involved!
      Keep praying over your sweet boy, for complete healing in Jesus’ name! This things on earth are great to add to our kids’ lives to better help them but in the end, the glory all goes to God so it’s always a good idea to ask him for the healing, anyway. This is what I find, anyway.
      Love you to! Thanks for your encouragement!

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