A specific prayer request regarding Zeke’s diet…

I need wisdom.  I have been specifically praying for wisdom for Zeke’s diet and some things may be coming together. Through some random Twitter conversations, I have more research to look into involving Zeke’s diet and sensitivities.

I’m overwhelmed. It’s like, “Oh, hey! I am feeding him the healthiest of foods but oh, his body doesn’t like those?!…right.”

 I need to persevere.

It’s exhausting and my brain, the same one I thought was kind of stupid at one point in my life is now proving to show it’s not! And there isn’t time for stupidity because I have a lot…a lot of information to not only look up, but soak up and apply.

Words like “salicylates”. Seriously?

And I’m tired and this same brain isn’t getting the rest it needs to function well. So, that’s why I am begging for you to not only pray for Zeke’s healing, but to pray that we’d get this diet thing figured out. I meet with a new nutritionist on Monday and would truly covet your prayers. Please pray for wisdom for her and for myself as I tackle what Zeke’s body needs and cannot tollerate. And again, for perseverance.To persevere in my faith, in researching and trial and error-ing on the diet front, and for all the normal stuff you momma’s may struggle with, too. Loving well, mothering and wife-ing (ha! wife-ing. That’s funny right there) < --- see, she's going cra cra. An unedited post just asking for your prayers because I truly need them to help my sweet, sweet boy. And goodnight…my research is over for now. Thank you. I truly mean it. I’m so thankful for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. They help to keep me going.

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