A poem, sweet boy.

Your pain, my boy
It’s opened my eyes
To a broken and hurting world.

A life once comfy
Small trials seemed mountainous
My eyes blinded, but now I see.

How can I ever
let my heart become settled
When this isn’t our forever dwell.

The cross you bare
burdens which seem no end
Have been taken, they are not yours

But how can you
Know to let them go
It’s my faith you’re left to trust.

But I’m broken, too
Forgetting so often
The best of friend taking it as His

May I be that friend,
Until you can know Him, too
Showing love without an end.

His name is Jesus
He had no sin
And took all brokeness at the cross.

To accept it all
Is no small feat
As only One has shown such love

He took it all
For me, for you?
What did we do to deserve?

We did nothing, my boy
But now we must
Accept this beautiful salvation given.

Claim God as Creator,
Jesus as Savior
Holy Spirit whom dwells within

Salvation is ours
Not just a gateway to heaven
But an usher for His kingdom come.

Your broken body
It is being made new
With each prayer and cry, ‘Please, God!’

I won’t stop praying
Beleving and fighting
Until I my last breath here on this earth

In His hands you lay
So strong and loving
Rest my boy….

He is good.


  • Reply April 15, 2013

    Momma B


  • Reply April 15, 2013


    This is so beautiful, yet so sad. My heart breaks for little Zeke, and I continue to pray for his healing and peace. Sending up prayers and much love to you Breena.

    • Reply April 15, 2013


      You are so sweet. Thank you :) Love to you!

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