The most special of Valentine’s Days!

Valentine’s 2013 marks my very favorite Valentine’s Day ever.  Talk about Valentine’s Day being redeemed 😉  Andy decided we’d make this years’ Valentine’s Day about family.  He didn’t have to go to work today and so he choose to have us all spend time together doing things we all love. I loved this idea.

Andy let me sleep in until 8:15 and it would have been longer if I didn’t have a mandatory meeting to attend.  That is love, ya’ll.  In this family, that’s like the epitome of love.  We do NOT get good sleep around here.

Next, Andy wanted me to pick where to eat for lunch, suggesting the mall so we could walk around as a family together or La Chatelaine.  La Chat it was! (since Cy was still in school and loves the mall.)  We enjoyed our time, the kids were blissful and I felt so blessed.  So much peace and joy.

After naps, we went to pick up the rest of our #happyholts clan, Cy and shortly headed to the mall to walk around and get dinner.  We shared a Sbarro Pizza after walking into the kids’ favorite stores.  I kinda love that they know they won’t get anything as it takes a load off, ya know?  I am also so thankful they do not wine and cry about it, either.  Not perfect but pretty darn good if you ask me!

Our time was full of so much laughter and fun.  It was freeing taking the whole family out and not feeling stress or anxiety.  Just a really good time.  I kept seeing people look at us and smile.  It’s refreshing to be looked at with smiles and not the expected look of horror due to so many kids and a boy who may seem, “a little off”.

 My Valentines 😀
 She was walking around basically pretending to be my personal shopper.  It rocked :)

When people look at our lives and are horrified by all we are going through or they think “I am so glad that’s not me!”, people may not think we know what they are thinking, but it truly is all over their faces.  But ya know what’s really great.  It’s also sensed when people are not thinking those things and are just willing to serve and come along side us, not in horror but with true agape’ love.  That’s what we have felt so much of at our church, LifePoint Columbus.  I’m so, so thankful for that.  We don’t expect people to understand what we are going through, that’s just silly.  I just don’t want to be looked at as if we are freaks…we are really blessed.  To God be the glory!

Anywho, we finished our night with a prayer meeting.  Originally, I was going to take Zeke by myself and Andy was going to put the other kids to bed.  When Cy and Eisley found this out, they wanted to go and with me and Zeke even after I told them what we were going to do.  What a blessing!  It’s been very challenging getting the older two, specifically Cy to be willing to understand even a little, what Zeke is going through (and rightfully so!).  It’s been hard to watch them constantly frustrated with Zeke and not show grace.  But tonight, redemption happened.  We went as a family to pray for Zekey and so much more happened!

God’s word was preached and people came along side our family and the chaos it’s bound to bring in the midst of a meeting of this kind with 4 kiddos. It was beautiful, encouraging and brought much hope.

Prayer is huge.  Prayer isn’t meant to be a last resort.  Actually, before posting what we go through in this life on FB or Twitter feed, Instagram, etc., we really should be taking our hearts to the one who isn’t going to hear you once and forget shortly after.  He isn’t going to glance at his “feed” and give a short thought to your situation and keep scrolling.

No. God, our heavenly father desires us to desire Him.  He’s the only one who can bring comfort in an uncomfortable situation.  He’s the only one who can heal the “unhealable”.  Yahweh is the only one who will never stop listening and will always be willing to give you His gift of life through His son, Jesus Christ.

Accepting all that God has done for us isn’t easy.  Not when the enemy is at work, trying to keep us from truth.  Let us choose to believe today.  To choose to tell Him your thoughts/feelings/doubts/fears first

Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit.  They are all at work, in unity.  It’s the most beautiful dance one could be a part of and ‘a part of’, is what they desire for you.  Won’t you join in this dance?


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