Little Valentine Skirt and Birthday Blurb

The other day, I used a coupon to grab some “not so Valentines-y” fabric to make Eisley and possibly a matching skirt for Bexley.

Well, last night Andy was reading and although I was tired and ready for bed at 7:30, I decided to give it a go and make Eisley a skirt.

I had no pattern, no measurements, no skirt to look at.  So, I measured out the best I could and created this little skirt for her to wear to her Valentine’s Day party.

 I love the outfit she put together…I always do 😉
 Look at that cute little booty 😉 

I’m so glad I took the plunge.  It took less than 2 hours to make.  I have been telling her I would make her skirts for far too long and I just haven’t sat to my machine and taken time.

There needs to be a few alterations, but I won’t get to them so we’ll just make sure to measure her next time.

And, let it be known that on February 4th, Eisley Bree turned 5.  I cannot even believe it.  I look at pics of her as a baby and I cannot believe the beautiful little girl she has grown into.

She randomly tells me that she wants to be a momma when she grows up, but also a teacher.  I tell her she can do both!  The last time she replied, “But, I think I want to be a mom first.”  I really, truly just want her to follow Gods lead as she gets older.  I kinda love that her heart is so much like mine as a little girl…I look at her and see so much of me and through her, I have so many great childhood memories to ponder.

Life with Eisley is full of silly laughter, fashion and hair tantrums (almost daily), random dancing,  grace-filled forgiveness, willingness to serve and help out, playing so well with her little siblings, choosing to go second when we get down to it, and a sweet example of a very obvious way God has blessed Andy and I.

Looking back this year…

 Age 4

 Age 4

Age 4
 4th birthday
  Age 4

 Showing me how she cut her hair.  :Sigh: Age 4

4 months with her biggest fan :)
Age 1.  My how time changes things :)

Age 2. 
Age 3
And now, the big 05!
Pretty and sweet as ever!

She is such a joy to have in our life.  I just cannot imagine life without her.  Here’s to a million more dates to La Chatelaine! 

I love you, Eisley Bree.

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