Gospel-sharin’ Valentine’s! DIY!

Last year, the cranky me wrote a blog post about redeeming Valentine’s Day (it does need redeemed) 😉  This year, I thought of a way I could bring that DIY into my kids’ classrooms and share the gospel!

A puzzle for your child’s classmates to enjoy!  And whether they are learning how to love by their parents or not, you can help them with this fun Valentine(even memorize it!) all while sharing some Jesus in their home! 

It’s like a free card to “Preach it, sista!” without being “preachy”.  I will let you know how many phone calls and eye rolls I get…I’ll take your prayers, please.

Here’s how!

!. Get in a crafty mood.  You must be in a crafty mood to get this, well, crafty.  It’s not hard, it’s just…crafty.

2. Supplies : Scissors, glue stick, glitter glue, piece of foam (or thick paper for tracing), 2 color choices of poster-board.  As you can see, I chose white and red.  Computer and printer.

3. Take a scrap piece of paper and fold in half.  Draw your best heart, girl!  Actually, your best “half” heart.  Then cut.  Fat hearts=Cute hearts (This applies to crafting only.  Usually, fat hearts = near death)

 4. Trace your pretty, fat heart onto foam then cut.it.out.  I bought foam shapes at the Target $1 bin.  Score.

5. Now, trace your FOAM, fat, pretty heart onto choice a of your poster-board.  Mine being red.

6. Take the opposite color poster-board (choice b) and cut it into a square that is bigger than your cute, fat, pretty heart.

7. Grab you FOAM heart again and place it center of choice b poster-board (mine being white) and trace the heart with your glitter glue.  Found this at the $1 bin at JoAnn’s.  Scrore.

 8. Peel the FOAM heart back slowly while holding onto choice b poster-board.  Ta-dah!

9.At this point you can go to your computer, look up 1 Cor. 13 4-7 and without getting struck dead, change the longer phrases to smaller ones again, without skimping on Truth.  Example, “Love does not rejoice in evil but rejoices with the truth.” was changed to, “Rejoices in truth, not injustice”.

If the verse says “not”, be sure to keep that but if it is an “always”, you can skimp to save room.

In the same font but much larger, type “What is Love?”

Print both out and start cutting.

10. Place your “what love is” cut-outs on your heart to be sure they fit AND just to get them organized.  There’s only one rule.  Don’t let the words touch each other and there will be no way you cannot turn it into a puzzle!

11. Glue your “What is Love?” on your glitter heart and voila!

Time consuming?  Eh, a bit.  But if you have older kids, they can help cutting and tracing!  This may take 2 evenings or 2 sets of nap-times.  Be sure to consider dry time on the glitter-glue.

Enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Reply February 8, 2013


    Super cute! I don’t know if I’d have the patience for that, but it’s super cute and very creative!

    • Reply February 12, 2013


      Me either, Jill. Me.either. 😉

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