A weekend to remember…

Well, let’s start with Wednesday night when I was called and informed of the protocol for Zeke’s “procedure”.  “Um, what procedure?  He isn’t having sugery…I’m confused.”
Basically, I wasn’t informed that Zeke was having a spinal tap this month or week or NEXT DAY and so I couldn’t wrack my brain to figure out what could possibly have been scheduled.

I didn’t have much time to prepare my heart but I did have a few minutes to remember all God had brought me through and how strong I have had to be in it all and how it’s funny because although I apear strong while Zeke was having seizures or taking him to the hospital for the 10th time or writing to you about how my faith has grown so much (which it has), I have only barely gotten by without completely loosing all my *beeeeeep*.  Unless you call bawling out to God that I can’t do it anymore loosing it…

Anyway, we made it through and it was less traumatic for him than the MRI was back in June.  The results are normal so far but we have to wait a bit to find out if he’s the type of human/child/epileptic patient who doesn’t respond to meds but DOES (and the only hope is) diet.  So far, this seems to be completely true and so the neuro scheduled it.  The thought of not giving him meds every day sounds glorious…just glorious.  On every level.

Later on Thursday I got to hang with my sweet, sweet friend, Kristy after it had been far too long.  Oh, it was so good to catch up and I’m so glad she and her hubby are living closer!  We’ve missed them so!

Friday I was blessed to hang with another great friend, Emmy.  Again, far too long since I had gotten quality time with her.  It was good for the soul.

Friday night…well, that’s a secret for now.  I’m not ready to tell ya’ll what my next adventure is going to be (but I guess I had to put that in here to make you wonder…such a brat I am!)  Let’s just say, it involves connecting again on Facebook which actually puts a pit in my stomach.  I don’t want to get back on…I haven’t missed it but

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