A different kind of birthday…

This past Thursday, January 24th was my 28th birthday!  I am happy to be 28 and thankful for another year to further my faith, become more of the Breena God has created me to be, share the good news, be the blessed wife of Andrew over at TheSometimesPreacher.com and momma to my 4 sweet blessings.  God is so good!

This has been a trying year but I know God is working and will continue to and so I’ll just soak Him all up, as much as I can daily.

One thing I am reminded of and humbled by often is how much God believes in me.  I see this through how much He keeps stretching my faith in Him.  Some moms who have a child with epilepsy put their child on a grueling diet that is difficult for all who are involved in that family and they reap great reward and can soon move forward to better health for their child.  Other moms are blessed to have meds work, on a low dose and be able to take their child off after a few years and celebrate.

This has not been our story with Zeke, and that’s okay. Each of our stories are going to be unique to us.  In our story, we have exhausted so many of these options to help Zeke and eventually, they don’t work as we’d like. God keeps on saying, “I will take care of Him.”

I keep feeling like God wants Zeke’s story of healing to be so big and so powerful that no one could deny that God blessed us with a miracle of healing.  I love this idea, but it takes great faith to constantly believe in such a wonderful/supernatural thing.  But, I see that God is getting a group of like-minded believers around me who feel stretched to believe this as well and it’s so empowering and beautiful!

Thursday night, Andy and I planned to go out to dinner and grab dessert to celebrate.  LifePoint‘s children’s pastor, Mark found a sitter for us, specifically one for Zeke as he has special needs…I cannot STOP singing praises of our church!  Such SERVANT’S HEARTS, they have!

I got an email a little bit before from a friend via Facebook (yes, I took the plunge and re-joined!)who told me a beautiful story of healing and how I should check out this group of prayer warriors.  They happened to be meeting that night AND at my dentist’s office!  I was like, “Yeah!  Let’s take him!”

So, all dolled up for my hot date, we decided to take Zeke to this prayer meeting.  I wanted to prepare my heart so I took 10 minutes and I just cried my eyes out to God begging for him to give us the gift of healing in Zeke.  I cried telling him I believed that He could heal with just one thought or word.   I just wanted Him to hear my plea and say, “yes.”

The meeting was great.  It was for sure a blessing and full of people with believing hearts who have seen miracles through healing.  They prayed over Zeke and told us this was going to be a rough journey but encouraged us in God’s truth.  Reminding us that God is healer, Jesus already took our brokenness and disease at the cross and that we just needed to jump in with both feet in believing God is going to heal our sweet boy.

This is for sure a leap of faith for both Andy and I as we have always known God can heal, but we believed that God doesn’t have to heal.  But, there is so much freedom in Christianity in that we don’t have to worry about what God does and doesn’t have to do, that’s a given, but to focus on what He wants to do.  We want to focus on God’s will for Zeke.  God’s will is for Zeke to be healed.  It’s just a journey to get there.  We have to pray believing.  Why pray for Zeke to be healed and focus on the idea that, “He probably won’t”.  Why cut God short?!

So, we pray constantly for the Holy Spirit to bless Zeke with healing and ask for more faith.  I always tell God I don’t have enough faith and to give me more.  So far, he hasn’t told me no and it’s through people, life or His word (as I read it in a new light, believing more than ever) that I gain more faith.  Asking and receiving…so thankful!

After the prayer meeting, we took Zeke back home, put the kids to bed and we were sent back out for dinner. :)  It was a lovely time!  We talked about growing in our faith, all that life has thrown us and how excited we are to see how God’s story, through us, will unfold.  Wherever that may be…

How has God blown you away by answering a prayer with more than you could have dreamed up yourself?  What are your thoughts or experiences in physical healing?

The next night, we went to Toledo to celebrate with my family.  My momma made my favorite “Chinese Chicken Salad” and homemade eggrolls.  YUM!

Here are some pics to share!

 My birthday dress, via my MIL. (She doesn’t know she bought it!) haha!
 My day in a nutshell.  Hot date and free Caribou Coffee!
 I wanted brownies with my momma’s frosting with a rainbow…my older brother, Jarret had a thing or two to say about this choice 😉
 My momma and daddy hanging with Zekey.  He loves music!
Grammy Cuddles!
Awesome gift from my FIL for the kids to play with…they love it!


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    I believe God has GREAT things in store for Zeke! I am excited for you!!! I must say, I teared up at the pic of Zeke with your mom and dad. You can see the love they have for him (and the other 8). I love you, Aunt J

    • Reply February 1, 2013


      Amen! Thank you for your believing with us!!

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