What a fun weekend this was.  Thanksgiving.  Getting together with family, eating more food than necessary and shopping!  Ah, black friday.

Living 2.5 hours away from home makes these holidays extra nice.   My kids get excited to see their grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins and my husband and I get excited to watch our kids get love from other people that love them very much.  It’s good for all of us!

Zeke has been doing really well so that made traveling and going somewhere other than home much easier than say, 3 weeks ago.  So, for starters, I am so thankful that he’s healthier than he was.  For his smile, laughter and seeing life in his eyes again.  I’m thankful that there’s more hope in front of us for Zeke to continue to get healing.  God is healer!

We spent Wednesday evening celebrating the lives of our sweet youngest two.  Bexley Jane who turned one years old on a night I was in the hospital with Zeke, back in October.  And Ezekiel Todd who turned 3 last Monday.  Time flies and hasn’t stopped flying since.  Every day is a gift and I’m thankful to have them with the ones I love.  I hate when I forget to be thankful for such blessings.

Whelp!  Here are many pics so you don’t feel left out.  I’m embarrassed to say that we left our really good camera at home, so enjoy the iPhone version of our good time. :)

 Our Happy Holt Family :)
Opening presents!  Yay!
 My momma and brother, Jarret.
 Bexley Jane eating her share of the cake.
 Bexley and Bebe Jean!
 Uncle Jarret playing “Tick-Tock” with Eisley
 My lovely friend Jenna who lives a few houses away. Friends since kindergarten!  LOVE HER!
 Kylaa playing my role as a child, “The cousin who can’t get enough of the babies!”
 My smokin’ husband and the squish.
 The love of my life. 

Thanksgiving, thankfully, gets spent with both my side and Andy’s.  Extended family gathers round the table, kids laughing and giggling uncontrollably, and I get to catch up with the family I do not see often enough.  It was just so lovely.

Here are some highlights.

 Great Grandpa Bill Holt loving on Bexley.
 My MIL told me to cut the butter and put it on a plate.  This is what she got.
 Eisley and Zekey playing in the Holt backyard.
 There were 3 kids and a Grandpa Nate.  They came in happy and dirty. :)
 Cuteness right there.
Eisley said, “Poppy, can I lay next to you and watch t.v.?”  Sweet, sweet.

I was blessed to have a special conversation with my grandpa.  Most of the time he says something false and wants me to catch it and call him out on it.  The same was true this time.

It’s always about God, which I love.  When I was younger, I would get sad when he said something false about God and I’d say, “GRANDPA!  NO!!!” and he would laugh and I would be so relieved that he was kidding.  Grandpa starts it out with a one liner that makes it seem that something else is more important than God.  Like, “Breena, you know, how will you really be happy without a lot of money?” or something silly like that.  He loves the part where I boldly tell him the truth.

This particular conversation led to talking about how God doesn’t make bad things happen to us.  They sometimes just happen.  And sometimes, it’s a string of bad choices.  But it’s all in God’s hands.  He also said that he felt his life was full and he was ready to go home whenever.  Made me happy and sad all at once.  He is a really great grandpa.  He’s always been so nice to me, telling me that I have his heart. He loves Jesus and that brings a peace in my soul.  But who are we kidding?!  He’s the most handsome, healthy “older” man you’ll ever meet! He’s got plenty of time on this earth!   I just love him.

I went out with my mom on Friday at midnight.  Are you this crazy, too?  We went to a few stores and didn’t really find any good deals.  It was just nice to be with her.  It always is.  

Saturday I woke up at 6:30 and went out with my mom and sisters, which is really fun for us.  This year we all seemed a little more chill.  No one had anything they really had to get.  I mean, we really just wanted to be together and enjoy another year of tradition.  That we did!

Saturday my family all headed out to Matthes Tree Farm up in Michigan, just over the Ohio line.  Most of us proudly wore our scarlet and gray to show Buckeye pride.  It’s a fun tradition to go to this tree farm.  It’s family friendly, there are farm animals they let you pet and feed and as kids, we’d all go running through the trees playing hide and seek.  This year, our kids did instead!  Again, ‘my how time flies!’ (I’m such an old lady sometimes)

 Andy holding the squish and bunny squishes, too!
 My “teenage” daughter, Eisley holding her hot cocoa.
 Sweet boys playing in the barn.
 Sheep.  I love sheep.  So beautiful and sweet!
 My sweet boy, Cyrus actually posing for a picture!
 Daddy and Bex.  He kinda loves this girl…like a lot.
 She was too fast and LOVED walking all around!
 Proof it was a good weekend.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  Where did you go?  What traditions do you have?



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    This is one of my favorite posts. It makes my heart very joyful to see all of your wonderful kids smiling and to see you and Andy looking so relaxed and happy. Zeke is healing, you got to see your family and travel, you’re connecting well with a new church and you’ve being getting “you” time…this is what we’ve been praying for! God is just amazing. Trav and I are so thankful for the Holts in more ways than one. We’re blessed by your friendship (and miss you tons!!!)

    • Reply November 28, 2012


      Kristy, my love! Thanks for your sweet comment and just knowing you guys are praying for us is such a blessing :) We love and miss you guys! We feel the same in your friendship…now let’s get together! 😉

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