It was FREE, healthy AND natural!

Vitamin D.  When it’s free, healthy and straight from the source, we take it!  Especially when I get happy kids and eventually, tired kids.  Yesterday it was cold but the sun was shining so beautifully here in central Ohio!  I just had to get the kids out!

 My sweet, sweet babies.  Oh my heart!
 Siblings happily playing.
 Cyguy looking all cute n’ all.
 Eisley Bree, always posing beautifully.
 Zeke, my explorer with a beautiful light in his eyes.
 The caboose, Bexley Jane!  And cute she is!
 My veiw most of the time, walking Bex.
That sun!  That light!  Glory!

  Telling “what if” stories with a “potty word” thrown in and then cracking up.
When one is sickly, whatever that may look like, an extra dose of vitamin D (naturally and from the sun) is excellent!  I’m all about supplements (the good kind) but when it’s free and beautiful, I”m gonna take it!
Unless it’s dangerously cold, I want to get my kids outside for 15 minutes EVERY day!  We left the park with smiles on our faces, and, if we’re being honest here,  a lot closer to the time daddy was coming home!
What about you?  Do you like to take the kids out in the cold to get fresh air and vitamin D?  Or maybe you do it for yourself?  I like to pretend I’m a runner going out for, well, a run and the sun just beating on my face.  I bet it’s that simple 😉 ha.ha.ha…

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