A string of events leading to…Perspective.

Zeke’s sickness, movie we watched and conversation with grandpa.

Zkee’s sickness makes all the “things” of this world, the “wants” and worldly desires fade into the background as if I’d instagrammed Jesus with matterialistic things all around him and kept only him in focus.  Of course, adding a fun filter to finish Jesus’ hipster style.

My grandpa, one who has worked hard his whole life, married, had children, divorced, married again has read many books, is sitting back saying “he’s ready.”  He knows.  He knows that even will all the good life he’s had, it’s all but a whisp and where his soul is going is what really matters.

What really is the goal in our lives?  Things, money, success, popularity?  In the end, all that is truly needed has been done.  God has saved us from the evil of ourselves.  All that was undone has been completely fixed through Christ’s death.  We just have to accept it.

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