Little God=Loneliness

Since I took it upon myself to finally face the harsh reality that my days are full of busyness and papers to fill out, kids to drop off and pick up and play dates to organize and church stuff to do all while pushing God further and furth from the center, I have confessed it to God and I want to confess it to you, too.

Why?  Why bother in sharing the times when I choose busyness instead of slowing down and listening to that still small voice?  Or why not share with you my “leave me alone, God” attitude I have been having?  Because I know many of you admire me for how I have been handling this trial in life we face with Zeke and I want to be honest in the struggles I have.

Over the last 2 weeks, life has been very much the same.  Night time is constantly interrupted, like when you have a newborn but there isn’t a newborn in

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