Stayin’ Sane Saturday

Well, Friday was a blow out!  Here in Ohio we got some mighty winds.  85 MPH to be precise.  Let’s just say, Andy was heading home from work, a storm formed, I was watching the weather and they said, “A strong storm is coming, take cover.”  No tornado warning but the kids and I headed to the basement.  About 3 minutes later, the power went out.

The kids were so scared.  I was as cool as a cat.  A scaredy cat that called her daddy and asked him to pray because she wasn’t sure she was going to make it to her 9th life….

Anywho, Andy came home and I was more calm.  Mostly because he was safe but also because I feel I safer when he’s around.

After the storm blew over, we took the kids upstairs.  Andy had already seen the damage and when he said, “There are trees down in our backyard.” I basically rolled my eyes in disbelief.

“Babe, you mean like large branches, right?”

I mean, if there are trees down in our yard, one should be freaking out even a tad bit, right?

 Nooo!  Our trampoline!!!

We are completely thankful that no trees fell on our house and that everyone was safe.  I was prayin’ pretty hard downstairs.  Strictly faith.  No fears 😉

With the power out, we were not sure if we’d stay or if I would head to Toledo with the kids and stay with family to stay cool, sane and not eat out for every meal.  Thankfully, the power came back on at 4 am.  I yelled, “Babe!  The power’s on!!!” while he was in a dead sleep.  Whoops.

Here’s a sweet story:  The next day I really wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market with our whole family but Bexley was still under the weather so I decided I would still take Eisley since she was crazy-excited.  Then I realized all the things I really needed to get such as veggie plants for my garden and didn’t want a little one nagging me to leave.

So, I tell her I think it’s best she stay home and “mommy just needs to be alone a little bit.”  And she looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said, “Okay, mommy.  I will just go with you next week.  You can have alone time.”

My throat got thick and my eyes teared up and I looked at Andy and said, “I cannot do this!”

“Eisley, nevermind.  I really want you to go with me.” I said.

Eisley, ‘Yeah!  Because I have been spending all morning getting ready!”  Which was a true story.

So off we went to to our favorite breakfast spot which was closed because of no power.  Bum.  We still managed to get all the things we needed without ANY complaints, only smiles and the cutest talking-voice ever from the little Eisley Bree.

Everyone was talking about the wind and all the power outages.  I became even more thankful knowing SO many people still didn’t have power and were not promised it for a week!  We were out for only 12 hours!  Praise the Lord!

Our next stop was the grocery store to get a few more things for dinner.  We were quite surprised to see, this!

I am NOT exaggerating when I say that Eisley asks me at least 3 times a month if we can get grapes or if the farmer’s market sold “organic” grapes, yet.  I would always have to tell her no because ya know, they are on the dirty dozen list.  But today!  Today we spotted some and for only $2.99 a bag!  They sell for $6-$9 a bag so this was a steal!  
What a wonderful day it was with sweet, Eisley Bree.
We finished the day with…
Planting our organic pepper and tomato plants.
Sidewalk Chalk
 Grilling up the veggies we bought…
 The BEST color ever!  Those are potatoes!!!

The result, with a side of brats.  Yum.
A loverly day, indeed!

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