Summa, Summa, Summa time! (with lots of photos intact!)

Yesterday was the first day of summer and it feels fine.  I have LOVED the hot weather, sweat and all!  We have been outside playing daily and this momma is enjoying the lovin’  and playin’ and then nappin’ real good afterward!  Not me, but my babies…still.

This puts a whole new meaning to “riding lawn mower”.

Eisley enjoys being a big sister to Bexley.

Play dates with fun friends!

Extra cuddles with daddy.

Our yard…it was a disaster.  We just never had time to give it love but my father-in-law came two Saturdays in a row and helped us get a jump-start on yard love.  There’s much more to do but now, there’s motivation and hope!  It’s been really fun because the kids and Andy get fun, quality time with “Grandpa Nate” all while getting much needed work done.

Look at those handsome Holt men!

I have been going to the Farmer’s market…a lot.

 Some pretty ladies in my life who I took along!
 Kate was there, too!  Birthday girl!

 Another time we braved the crowds with all 4!
Walking proud and excited!
Two weeks ago I took Eisley along and…
SURPRISE!  Heather joined us!
 This past Saturday I went to the early morning Farmer’s market and La Chatelaine with my girl, Kristin then took Cy and Eisley out to the Olde Worthington Art Show! 
I love my originals…;)
Little girl cuddles
Looking “cool” with Cy…
Oh, I love these two!
I had such a great time walking around with them.  My life is so revolved around Zeke and Bexley these days that getting quality time with Cy and Eisley is vital for us all!

So you see?  I am always at the farmers market.  This last Saturday, I also bought some loverly flowers to plant in the front yard.  I have had such a fear to plant but I really enjoyed the digging and getting dirty.  I loved the way I was able to use a bit of creativity, too!

The extra bonus was that Eisley took an extremely long nap and woke up around 8 pm.  I let her join me while I planted my flowers.  Good, quality time :)

I am looking to get more greens of different shades but low-to-the-ground plants.  No flowers in tact.  Any suggestions?

Also, I am going to be planting organic veggies (finally!!!) in the raised garden I was blessed with but have been too afraid to use.  All because of inspiration and encouragement from my girl, Kristin.  I am SO going to to try it!  The kids will have a blast!  I REALLY want to plant pumpkins, too!

I’ll post a picture of my flower garden in the front as they grow and mature!

What about you?  Do you love to garden?  Have a green thumb?  If so, who gave it to ya?

Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

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