Stayin’ Sane Monday

Yesterday I realized (or maybe I realized AGAIN) that I had not had alone time in about a month.  I, an extrovert, need alone time about once a week.  It helps keep this gal sane.  Reminds me of who I am (apart from being a wife and mommy) and I come out of it feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

I know of a gem-of-a-momma (through the blog world, of course) who takes these times to plot, plan and pray for her week.  Ugh.  Talk about making this gal feeling guilty!  I want this time for me, me, me!  I don’t want to plan for the week and all that it will bring.  I don’t even want to think of my upcoming week.  Yes, I always want Jesus to be involved in my time away.  I catch myself communicating with him anytime it gets quite, really.  But, in the end I need a break from my day to day tasks and I usually have some kind of craving that usually involves steps in creating something… usually something that never gets done because of lack of time or money.  I’m a-okay with that (not really) because while I am having that craving, I am usually in denial of that annoying fact.  It probably will not get done.

I literally ran down stairs from 1/2 putting the kids to bed with Andy, grabbed the keys and left.  I needed OUT!  I received this sweet text from the hubs, “I love you and hope you have a refreshing time away and that you encounter God tonight.”

I immediately started laughing.  Out loud.  By myself.  Do you know HOW HARD it is for me to laugh out loud?  Like, the real kind?!  You have to be crazy-funny.  So, this was a big deal.

Why would I laugh?  You may even call it a cackle…there was a bit of an evil tone to it, I feel. So why did I cackle at the sweetest text ever?!

I think it’s because I ran out of the house and didn’t even know what I needed or where I was going.  I just knew I needed to get the heck outta there.  So the thought of encountering God was far from my mind.

This is not me laughing at Andy.  He was good and sweet and loving for sending this text.  And…he was right.  I needed to invite God on my time away.

My night started out with a crazy craving for a cookie from Northstar.   I had it only one time, about 1.5 years ago with my sister, Mandy and I just had a random craving for it.  So I headed over to Easton and even though it was a Monday night, parking was crazy, hence my tweet…

“Fighting crazy parking (or lack thereof) at Easton just for a Northstar cookie to go. #desperatemomma #mustbePMSing

So, the plan was to sneak by Northstar just for the cookie and go off to my next place…wherever that would be.  I had a simple, ill-fitted skirt on with a sweatshirt/hoodie/short-sleeve thing, hair thrown up, no make-up and so there was no plan to stay.  The following tweet…

“…and I don’t even look cute. #fail

Following reply tweet from the sweetest man around…

“Yes you do!” :) :) :)  Love him!

Then…I saw H&M.  I went in and saw lots o’ sales.  So I picked up a few dresses and tried them on!  Did I mention they were what I thought was 2 sizes too small?

I thought to myself, “Quick, Breena.  You look like a train wreck!  Go in, try these dresses on that you will not even buy because you are too cheap, and get OUT!”

A mother of 4 can get a little cooky in the dressing room whilst holding her iPhone 😉

So, the dress was $10.  I thought it was SUPER cute and maybe for a few seconds I thought it would be okay to say “screw it” to the annoyingness of modesty and wear a dress, like every other girl (not really) that is just too short.

I felt good, though.  I didn’t feel like a blimp which is not the norm for me.  This tweet follows

“Tried on super cute clothes that were a tad too small but zipped…motivation. No cookie ;)”

I am going back to purchase that stupid $10 dress and I am going to add materiel for length.  It’s going to be epic. 

“Shhh…don’t tell her she’ll never do it.  It will make her want to punch you in the face.”

I also found this navy jacket with sailor buttons.  Super cute, $10 and I currently do not own it.  Ugh.

I went to TJ Max and talked with my dear Aunt Melody who lives in San Diego.  It was loverly.  Found nothing there, either.

I headed to Lowe’s thinking I’d buy wood and make two end tables for our bedroom.

I became really overwhelmed and caved. 

My heart was literally racing with excitement to create, but also from all that lumber!  I am sure this craving came from me pricing out a reclaimed barnwood dining table from 2 local companies.  I want one SO BAD!!!

 So I didn’t get the Northstar cookie because I wanted to be “good” but have you tried the new Chick Fil A cookies?  Why do I ask?

Oh…no reason 😉


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    I pretty much love EVERYTHING about this post.

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    hehehehehehee 😉 I love EVERYTHING about you!!

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