Happy 6th Birthday, Cyrus Nathan!

Oh, this boy.  This sweet, kind, hilarious, always-thinking boy.  My firstborn, born June 14th 2006.  The one who made me a momma.  I do not even know where to start.

He was always such a good baby.  Content and always thinking.  Ask anyone!  I would kiss him ALL THE TIME!!!  It was as if my kisses were the only thing keeping him alive 😉

I remember the lonely days when we moved to Columbus and I didn’t have friends yet and it was just me and him hanging out in our apartment by Easton.  I would play with him on the floor and stress during nap-time because he just didn’t want to be without his momma and I didn’t want to be without him! 

His head was a perfect circle.  Promise.  His cheeks were the color of watermelon, his chocolate chip eyes the shape of almonds and the cutest button nose you’d ever seen!

When his bottom teeth grew in, there were 3 but the one in the middle, that one came last so he looked like a little jack-o-lantern!

When he was 18 months, he would always want to hit lamp shades.  We figured out, he was keeping a beat!  So, we bought him toddler drums that he crashed through and eventually a full-set at age 3!  The boy amazed me as he learned new beats all on his own!  We actually potty-trained him by rewarding him with You Tube videos of drum solos.

When I would say, “I love you so so much.” to Cyrus, he would reply, “Mommy, I E U so, so such!”  Oh, melt my heart every stinkin’ time!

He came home one day, barely 3 and wrote “Tim Horton’s” in cursive all on his own and started reading  soon after…so, all of this to say, He’s crazy-smart but that isn’t even close to the reason I love him so much.

He’s always asking GREAT questions especially when it comes to Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit or just hard life lessons.  His questions are challenging but genuine.

God is going to use this boy for great things for His kingdom.  He is an amazing big brother.  Poor guy, I am hard on him and expect a lot because I know he’s capable of being good, mostly because that’s what he shows most of the time.  I forget how good of a boy he is sometimes.  He loves his siblings and his family.  He tells me he never wants to move out.  My how time will change 😉

My prayer for Cyrus is that God would use him to bring glory to His name.  That Cyrus’ life would be a reflection of Jesus.  That whatever career path Cyrus takes, he would use it to share the love of Jesus.  I pray that with all that life will bring him, the good and the bad, that he’d remember a life without Jesus, really isn’t a life at all.  Don’t worry,  I do not expect perfection.  I’m too wise for that (ha!).

I pray for his future wife who I know I will be blessed to call my own daughter someday.  I pray she love Jesus, too!  I pray for his future kids (my grand-kids!) and that God would poor out his blessing on them and they’d see their need for a savior.

My life is sweeter and more joyful with Cyrus in it.  He has taught me to be a better person and Christ-follower.  God has used him (and I am sure will continue to) to create me to be more human, in the original intent…the image of God. 

If you haven’t met him yet, you’re missing out.  He’s just that special.

Cyrus Nathan, my heart couldn’t love you more!  I’m so blessed and thankful for 6 amazing years with you, bud!  I love you so, so such!

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