City-girl gone’ country?!

A pretty bold statement for a gal who loves the city life (that my actual life doesn’t really allow for, yet) and being around people.  A little known fact is that I don’t like the dirtiness of animals or the smell.   Just keep reading, dang it!

Here’s where this is coming from.  An extreme frustration with the food I want to buy and/or try to buy and the food I am actually buying.  Let me lay it out all nice and straight for ya.  I care about the produce and meat I put into my kids’ body.  I spent many years and hours reading up on natural and organic and have been rather educated, so I thought.

Last week at the Olde Worthington Farmers Market,  I overheard someone ask my meat supplier, “So are you certified organic?” to which the reply was, “No, we don’t bother messing with the silly regulations.”

I felt as if I were sucker-punched.  I was also extremely disappointed in myself.  I knew better than to spend more money on “natural” and not go all out with the “USDA Organic”.  I know, even that’s not perfect but better than the “other” stuff. 

So now what?!  I talk to my 2 friends who have the same passions as I do in eating the best stuff out there.  Eating food the way it was meant to be…organically.

I feel as if I am starting from square one.  I feel like I have to research even more now (and I will!) with each farm in the area and how and what I can purchase and how they handle their animals, what they feed them exactly and if I can purchase from them.  Oh!  And will it be reasonably priced?

Then, there’s the desire to just feed my family with our own food.  I am so sick of the ways in which it *seems* farmers are either treating their animals/crops without a care in the world but their own finances which leaves us with terrible toxins a flowin’ in our bodies OR they want to go “organic” but by the skin of their teeth.

So what does this all mean for my family?!  Buying a house with land!!!  I wouldn’t want a ton of land, but maybe a couple of acres.  Like, 5 at the most.  But then I think, “Okay, Breena.  Seriously?!  You’ll go out and milk a goat?  You’ll walk more than 2 feet from a chicken?  And collect their eggs?!”

hahaha!  Then I kind of want to gag…but I have done SO many things I thought I wouldn’t since being educated on food and how it effects our bodies.  My kids are worth it and so is my life span (as much as I can help it) to stay around with them here on this God forsaken earth 😉

In a perfect world, I would want to live 15 minutes from the city, in a nice big home with neighbors no more than  1/2 acre away (so we can be friends and barter, duh!), built-in-pool, in a good school system, affordable for a pastor’s wife, etc, etc, etc.

See.  It totally exists. Charming.

So there ya have it.  A complete “I want to move to NYC and become a fashion designer” city-girl questioning “She’s gone country?!” 😉

Thoughts?  Unless you are going to say, “Everything causes cancer these days!” to which I will reply, “Yes.  Yes it does…”

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