Vera Wang ‘Black & Nude’ Bridal Line

I am fully aware of my tardiness in addressing the amazingness of Vera Wang’s new bridal line.  So, where do I begin?  First off, have you seen the gowns?  I got a few minutes to myself while nursing Bexley and decided to pop on the t.v and see what was on.  I found The View (yay…) and so I decided to watch it a bit.  Praise the LORD that I did!  I was pleasantly surprised to see Vera Wang come out who brought down her latest pieces of art on a mini runway.



Salivating….Literally.  No sarcasm. 

Take a look!

Part 1

Part 2

My top picks…

My favorite.

 A close second and similar to the shape and fitting of my own wedding dress.

Oh, the DETAIL!!!  I’m literally clenching my teeth right now!  LOVE!

The black lace over the nude is gorgeous.

What do you think?  Here are my thoughts.  I’d NEVER wear anything but ivory.  I love ivory over white but the bit of lace on my wedding dress was the nude color you see in Vera Wang’s line.  Besides all of that, the impeccable detail, the unique designs and how they present as real pieces of art amaze me and get me biting my nails to create my own things…

Would you ever consider wearing anything but white or ivory for your wedding?  Do you love or hate this line?  Please do tell!

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