Stayin’ Sane Saturdays

Saturday was a good one.  It started at 6:30 (if you do not count going to bed at 12:30 am) with the chimes of my sweet, two-year-old, squawking foreign bird and a very hungry Bexley.  I took the babes downstairs and let the hubby sleep in.

Next, I decided we needed to re-clean the basement.  The kids weren’t super excited but as we cleaned we found places for everything.  This made them excited to dance around in the cleanliness.

At about 10:30, Andy sent me on my merry way!  I went to La Chatelaine (duh) and enjoyed a healthy lunch to myself as I looked up verses on friendship, anger, etc.  I was asked to speak at the ARC’s conference this year and since ‘friendship‘ has been put on my heart so much in the last year, I chose to speak on that.  I’m excited and a bit nervous but praying that I’ll come across clear and will be able to reach the hearts of the woman and touch on some things that hit home for them.  I just want God to use me to open their eyes (and mine) on how our friendships are and how we could better them to glorify God.

So, that was nice.  Next I headed over to a favorite spot (an indulgence if you will) Blue Frost Cupcake.  Have you been?  Omagosh.  You walk in and are hit with a wall of yummy-ness.  It’s fantastic.  I’d could make millions if i could bottle that up and sell it as a perfume.  Did someone already try that?<---That will bring back some memories and serious laughter! 

My flavorite, yes FLAVORite is the chocolate coconut.  I am SO excited when they have it and completely brokenhearted when they do not.  It’s okay though, I always find something I like there 😉

See?  My sanity is slowly showing back up on my face.  You don’t see it?  Oh…

Next I was off to the Ole Worthington Farmers Market and was sad that my favorite Oink Moo Cluck farm was not there :(  But it was redeemed with buying some awesome soap from Gretel’s Handcrafted Soap.  She even through in a free Salve which is said to “heal even a farmer girl’s hands!”  So, I will let you know!

I always feel so dang good after a few hours to myself.  My hubby is good to me so I can be good back to him and the kids :)


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    You’re beautiful, and I love that you can take advantage of time like this.

  • Reply April 4, 2012


    No, YOU’RE beautiful 😉 Thanks, babe. You rock. Love you!

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