Reflections:Finding the ‘me’ in Bree

All blog titles have to be creative (clearly they don’t) but what it means is ‘Who am I in Gods eyes.  Who is Breena Ra’cee really?’

God is bringing me to a season of reflection and I am humbled and thankful.  I think I have let others’ thoughts and opinions (which are mostly good, thank God) stay so loud in my heart that I have let them motivate my thoughts and opinions of myself.  But as I turn their volume down and create a quiet space for God, I am really beginning to understand myself better.  His thoughts and opinions are truer, purer and spot on compared to others.

I can face my faults head on as I give them over to God begging for real change in my heart.  I can also absorb, like a sponge, the gifts and desires that God has given me.  I can know that if it is good, God has a time for those to be brought to life and knows the best way they are to be displayed.  I can sit back, talk to Him and ask that I use them whether now or later, to bring glory to his name.  Amen.

My mind is quieter now that Facebook.  I’ve enjoyed the quiet SO SO much!  You’d think I was turning into an introvert but it’s given God so much more space on my mind and my heart.

It’s weird, actually.  The thought of going out and being around a bunch of people seems exhausting these days.  This feeling is also tied in with my desire to stay home and create.  So, maybe that is why?  I don’t want to turn into a “mostly introvert”!  Introverts are BORING! I am SO kidding…playing up on the observations a lot of extroverts have on introverts.  That’s all 😉

Without FB, I have less drama in my life, I get annoyed with people less, I spend time reaching out to the ones closest to me who are in my phone contacts and I spend less time in my life reading a bunch of status’ that take up time and space that I don’t need to give to other than those closest to me.

Will I be back?  Of course but there will be purpose. Purpose and a clearer mind.

I have heard some of you say you have thought about getting rid of FB, too!  I say, figure out why (at least mostly first) before you take the plunge.  You will have motivation to stay off if you know ‘why’ and can focus on how it will benefit you instead of wishing you were still on. Also, if it seems too difficult, you may just want to consider that being your reason….don’t let silly FB become a god in  your heart.

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