Quality time with some good peeps.

I love when God blesses efforts that are difficult.  He doesn’t have to.  I am not holding Him to it, but sometimes he gives that little bit that says, “Well done.”

That was last night.  I was asked to speak at the OCF (Otterbein Christian Fellowship) retreat this weekend. I was kind of nervous but mostly excited to hang out with some college girls while chatting about life and friendships and eventually boys 😉

I was encouraged because they seemed to really like that I came there speaking about friendship instead of what they called typical  ‘how their heart needed to be won over by Jesus and not guy stuff’.

I just prayed God would use me to speak to them.   I went there knowing that God had at least been speaking to me in the area of friendships and how I needed to become a better friend.  After the discussion last night, it seems they were challenged, too!  To God be the glory!  It was great and the chatting afterwards was such a joy.

*I may post on my actual message.  We’ll see.

Can I just say, as a side note that it was beYOND refreshing to know I could go to the retreat knowing my kids were taken care of.  Becca Lowe made all the arrangements, including telling Devon, who I knew but didn’t know his name, to text me and get the childcare thing situated.  I immediately text Becca, Kristy (who I was told was watching my kids so I could go) and Andy slightly freaking out thinking, “What happened to Travis and Kristy watching my kids?!  I am not letting some random, Devon guy who I do not even know, nor do my kids, watch my babies!”

We had a great laugh about that one 😉  Turns out, the poor guy was just trying to help and good ole mother bear came out ready to protect her cubs!  hehe.

Kristy and Travis watched the kids for me.  But not her Travis.  No, Travis Sommers.  Or, as Cyrus called him, “Travis with the oval head.”  Oh, don’t worry.  He has already looked at your head, too and determined the shape.  We’ve had circles, ovals and even a square.  So, don’t feel left out.  Anyway, they offered to watch the kids so I could go and speak.  SERVANTS HEARTS, MUCH?!

I was so thankful to hear how good the kids were for Kristy and Travis.  They were SO excited all day to see them.  It just feels amazing to have people love on my kids who are not family.  They love my kids by choice and are willing to serve me so I can serve others.

To top in off, they stayed late as we chatted about life.  Good conversation revolved around hearing each others stories, speaking into each others lives and enjoying each others company.  I love me some good, quality time with friends.

 As we chatted, my eyes were opened to the ways in which we are all, as individuals, uniquely created to worship God.  What I mean is that the way we feel closest to God is not going to look exactly like other people in our lives way of worship.  If we compare ourselves constantly to other Christians and how their ‘spiritual walk’ looks, we are going to be confused and maybe even feel inferior at times.  We will believe lies that draw us further from the truth that you, we, I, us, were individually and uniquely created by God, with purpose, many details and Agape love from The God.  The Creator.

What do you believe to be true about you?  About God?

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