Playing Ketchup. (long post, mucho pictures)

Last week we were in Toledo and it was a great trip!

 Taking a break for the screaming babe who looks ‘oh so happy!’

I loved sitting in my parents’ living room being able to just sit and chat with her and my sister, Kacie and whoever else was willing to sit and be and chat.
The kids loved playing with their cousins and swinging on the tire swing at Andy’s parents house.

 Bexley and my neice, Emeri hanging out, being cute.
 Zeke not sure of this contraption…maybe once he takes it apart to see how it works 😉

 Zekey and Eisley having a blast!  Driving crazy like her momma 😉

Andy was revitalized as he met with pastors from all over the world who listened, encouraged and spoke into his life.  I’m sure he was of value to them as well.  At the end of the week, we had to leave early as Cyrus was getting sick.  The morning after we got home, his skin near his joints was getting all puffy and red and he couldn’t even bend some of his fingers!

It was like this on his knees and ankles…so sad!

 So, even though he’s low key when sick, I knew this was something to be seen for.  Thankfully Andy was on his way home and I could take him in without the other 3.  Turns out he had Strep. Poor buddy.

The weekend was good.  Quick, per usual.  Sunday I was able to spend time alone at my favorite La Chateliane.I took time to sketch clothes and find the perfect fabric for them…

  I still have that “fashion designer” dream in me 😉  Someday!

 Sunday evening is always Ember church, which we love and is topped off with friends coming over and hanging out afterwards.  I felt it was best to keep Cy home although he was technically not contagious, I thought I’d wait another 24 hours before exposing him to other children.

Come to find out I missed a pretty darn good service.  It was Spirit filled, lots of tears, genuine hearts and Andy even scrapped his original sermon last minute as he felt God calling him to talk about something completely different.  So, I missed a good one.  Boo!  Ah, well!  I was able to listen to in online and yes, it was a goody!  Love, love Ember and all that God is doing.

 Monday was a good one!  Zeke had another speech therapy session and I was able to tell his teacher that Zeke had made some new sounds this week! (finally!)  Then, he was doing really well at the session!  So proud of him!  It’s SO SO SO SO SO much work and sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel and say, “He’ll talk eventually” but I must not.  I just want him to TALK ALREADY!!! 😉  Love him to pieces!

 He also did the laundry for me…in the bathroom sink, so that’s nice.  Real nice.

Tuesday we had a play date with our favorites!  They came over and the kids played to their hearts content while us mommas chatted…3 hours. It.was.bliss.  I was so thankful!  Kids napped well and BONUS!  I was able to sneak in an hour nap, too!

Today (Wednesday) was fun!  Well, mostly…I planned (or not planned) to take the kids to the zoo for a picnic but I couldn’t find my phone and I needed to call in to get my  membership activated.  So annoyed.  So we went to the next best thing, a picnic in the park with a special treat afterwards!

 Snacking on almond butter sandwiches and listening to tornado warning sirens (test).
 Bexley Jane being all cute and as her nickname says, “squishy” 😉
 I just love this face.

 Eisley Bree…I think I captured her well.  Pretty and sweet.
 haha!  I couldn’t help but post this pic.  Too funny!
 Oh, such a cute, goofball of a boy :) 
 Pretending to be a spider, of course! 😉
 Sib love.
 This is pretty much all he did.  Loverly.
And Josie’s frozen yogurt afterwards!  All of our yogurt was only $8.23.  Score!

So, that was a fun morning.  Zeke fell asleep in the car and didn’t go down for a nap, so that’s always fun.  Then, I am on the phone with my mom (after having lost it most of the day) and the kids are saying fire in the background but I don’t hear it until I smell it myself…Zeke had made a mini fire in the toaster-oven…That’s what I get for just taking a few to sit and relax.  I tell  ya, the boy is going to make me go insane someday! 😉  Lord, Help me!

I was a bit of a bear today from about 2 on…Maybe it was the lack of break from the constant “curious George” of a boy I have but something made me a cranky mommy…and a wifey, too.  Felt bad.  Thankful for new mercies every morning!


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