I recently deleted my FB and Twitter accounts.  Wow.  It was of course a last minute, so-stressed-out reaction (that’s just how I roll! ha!) but I’m excited for it.  I seriously, even after just one full day (maybe two?), feel SUCH a relief.  Like, there is this lack of weight and I cannot really explain it better than that.

Here are the notes I wrote down on my loverly iPhone.
~still blog
~More time on creating
~More quality time with kids
~Less status’ made up in my head
~Insecure if no comments on status?
~No ‘friend’ interaction?
~How much do I rely on FB to feel good about myself?
~Is it holding me back spiritually? Creatively?

I really just want to know, without FB, will I do the things I do (lol) better?  Will they be better quality?  FB is very much apart of so much of my life but now that I have taken even just 2 days away, it’s amazing how much less I feel a tug to check my phone, check a computer, see who is saying what, do a FB “feed” check every couple of hours and get really annoyed when no one was “entertaining” me enough with their status’  and/or letting the “feed” give me too much satisfaction.

I’ve just been really annoyed with feeling lack of order in pretty much all areas of my life.  So, obviously yes, I decided to take away FB because that’s the magic potion in making life less crazy, duh!  Well, for some dang reason it really does feel like FB is a bigger problem in my life than I can even put to words (and yet this external processor has SO many! ha!).

Sometimes, I catch myself NEEDING my phone near me, even when with my kids.  I know it’s not b/c of a business (thankful, I gave that up as I weed out things in my life), it’s not waiting for someone to call…it’s all those dang notifications.  How can I be fully present with them when I have the view of my phone light going off?  I cannot…not really.  And I do not want my babies to look back and think about me and my phone…silly?  Maybe, but it’s worth the thought! THEY are worth the thought.

I make status’ up in my head far too often.  It’s pathetic.  Some are good.  Really good.  Funny!  I love funny.  But some are so dumb (maybe you are reading this thinking, yep!  You did write some dumb status’ often!) and you’re right!  Why waist my time and yours?  I annoy myself just thinking of it!

I act like I do not care if I get a ton of comments or very few.  How true is that, really?  I cannot say yet because I really do not know.  I say it, I think I mean it, but who really knows until it’s all taken away?  It’s completely and utterly ridiculous to feel good about myself or have a good day just because of a lot of comments.  Why would I let FB comments have that much influence in my thoughts/feelings?  Jesus belongs there.  End of story.

Will I not see friends or talk to them as much because of simply deleting my FB account?  Gosh, that’ would be crazy but maybe!  I mean, people I consider close friends are in my phone (some I still need, so don’t read into this too much!) so will we still get together even if I am not on FB?  Maybe!

Does “checking my FB” turn into time I could spend on Creating?  I think so!

When I get back on FB and Twitter(of course I will!  I will need it when I come back with some big news!  NOT PREGGERS!) I want to go into it with a plan.  I want to know more of the role it had my life (before I took a break) and its NEW roll as it is controlled by me after sifting through what I have found in my time away. No longer will it be ‘How do I fit into the FB world?” but “How will FB fit into MY life?”

I will blog.  I love this too much and it’s good for me.  I do this for me, not for you but I LOVE when it blesses you.  Please, always feel free to write comments!  I reply to all of them (I know, ALL of them!  ha!)

I have a husband to love on and support, I have babies to nurture and I need to keep building into their lives the importance of Jesus and how a life without him is really no life at all…I have cuddles and kisses to give, I have amazing people in my life (more than just my FB life, real-life people!  Who knew?!) who I want to have over late into the night chatting and laughing.  I have college and post college girls I need to listen to and love on as we do life together and learn from each other.

So FB and Twitter, you get the boot.  For now at least.  Until I figure out who you are in my life and who you need to be.  Copeesh?  (My Grandpa Danny says that and I love it…one of the many things I love about him).

Blessings from a gal who’s just trying to become more of who God wants her to be.

I leave you with a quote I made up in my head after being annoyed with recent status’ and tweets. “Avoid trying to be like her.  It’s exhausting just watching you.”  See?!  I’m such a brat!  Until next time!


  • Reply April 21, 2012

    Lauren Jaye

    ahhh I can’t text you or call you. EMAIL ME so we can FaceTime soon. I miss you and the kiddos SO much.

  • Reply April 21, 2012


    I understand I too am trying to figure things out in my life. Best wishes. Kim

  • Reply April 23, 2012

    The Chappell Family

    My husband & I just had this same conversation. As soon as he gets back (it’s how we communicate for now) we’re both gonna call it quits for a while. Fb just doesn’t fit into family time. And I’m totally ok with that! Family comes first and I will give up anything that takes time away from our family. And, EXACTLY like you said, I don’t want my children to remember me with my phona always in hand. Good luck, Breena! :)

  • Reply April 24, 2012

    Sarah Faith

    So good, my friend! And we’ll find you one way or another! 😉

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