Free Glasses? Yes!

So, I have been in need of a pair of glasses for about a year now.  I can see, but details are faint and driving at night is, well difficult 😉  Ask any of my gal friends who have bravely sat in the passenger seat during a date night out! 

So, I “liked” a few glasses companies on Facebook and found and their AMAZING deal for first time guests!  FIRSTPAIRFREE!  Put that in the coupon code when you check out and yes!  Your first pair is FREE!!!  If you do not like them, you just send them back and they pay for shipping while you exchange them for a different pair.  Kinda genius!  Why wouldn’t you try a pair out?! 

Oh and yes, you do need a prescription to type in so go to your dr’s first if you do not know yours.

 I only look slightly awkward…haha!

I LOVE them!  I LOVE seeing better!

Now go out and try something a little trendier than what you are currently wearing.  Do not get stuck in an era where the style is long gone.  No, you do not have to go all “hipster” like I have…

…(although I would commend you if you did) but there are other ways to look a bit more hip 😉  You THINK no one notices, but we do! 😉  haha!

Glasses are an accessory and fun!  I even thought about getting bangs again but talked myself out of it.  These glasses are just what I needed to change up my look, feel like “me” but stay away from a “permanent” trend (although bangs are not really permanent, but you get my drift).

I’ll SEE ya around!


  • Reply April 9, 2012

    Megan E

    Kinda rockin’ the sexy secretary look. Love them Breena!

    • Reply April 10, 2012


      haha! Andy seems to think the same thing! 😉 Thanks, girl!

  • Reply April 10, 2012

    Sarah Davlin

    The girl below you actually looks like you too… for awhile, I thought it was you! Lookin’ good sista!

    • Reply April 10, 2012


      Oh, sweet, loverly, I miss ya way too much, Sarah. You are too kind and your daughter is a sweet, muffin, sugar, suck-face (the highest of compliments from this gal!) LOVE YOU!!!

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