Yummy Quinoa Recipe

I have been really wanting to make quinoa after I had a few different opportunities to try it over the last year.  Of course, after reading all the health benefits of it and knowing it’s a super food, I wanted to start incorporating quinoa into my families’ diet. 

I had a few people asking about the recipe and I cannot really take credit as I did a google search and found an AMAZING one on Food Network.

I went ahead and made a double batch so we could have leftovers and I could add it to my salads for protein.  In a double batch, the cook time definitely does double, just so you know.

Here’s what it looked like while cooking in the pot.

You can see how much it changes physically.  This is boring.  After adding your dressing, it’s fantastic!

It’s much prettier when all deced out in herbs and flavors.

Enjoy this as a side or a full meal!  I added it to my salad the day after and because of all of the flavor, I didn’t need much dressing.

Enjoy!  Share any other recipes you have tried with quinoa!


  • Reply March 26, 2012


    Oooo thanks!!! I’ve been wanting to try Quinoa but had no idea how to cook it! Plus, I LOVE Giada!

  • Reply March 26, 2012


    You will be glad you skipped the first test run and hate it (like so many do!) and go right into a fantastic recipe! Tell me how you like it!!!

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