Have you heard the "Interrupting cow" joke?

The giggling child says, “knock, knock!”

The always smiling, never-annoyed-with-the-same-joke mother says, “Who’s there?”

Child smiling so big you can almost not make out what they are saying but have heard the joke 1 zillion times aleady so you just know they are saying :gasp:, “Interrupting cow!”

Mother very slowly responds in order to give excited child enough room to inturrupt, “In-ter-rup-…”

Child SCREAMS, “MOOO!  haha!  I interrupted you!”

And we all have an ironic laugh.  It’s actually really cute but here’s my point.

This is the story of my life.  I have plans, things I want to pursue, fears I want to overcome and I can’t.  Right now there isn’t a dry nose or a clear throat or a restful nights sleep.  Quite the opposite, actually and I feel like I’m being interrupted and I Lisa Frank-ly (just for a smile) don’t like it!  I get anxious and think that my dreams are going to slip through my fingers and I’ll never have a clean house for more than 5 hours (while they sleep) and I…ugh.

But then I realize I have friends who come over to my disaster of a house and sit and do life with me.  They hang out with me and love on my kids and I just need to not be tempted to say, “I’m so sorry about the mess…I don’t have time.” because it’s crazy over here ya’ll!

I must cling to Jesus and the blessings in my life because they are here right now, in the midst of this beautiful chaos.  When I get to a place in life where my house is clean and I have time to do all the many things I want without interruptions, that’s the same time my children will be grown and moved out and I can say this with confidence, “I’m not ready for that!  I want my babies here!”

I’ll blog more again…right now I just have to clean, clean, clean :)  I miss you blog, I won’t be gone foreverrrr….

A song on my heart by Kari Jobe.

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