Bee Pollen and why it’s apart of our morning ritual.

This is what our breakfast usually consists of.  I substitute oatmeal with the Ezekiel bread on some days.

Ezekiel toast with honey and almond butter (whoops, forgot to add that in) and apple slices.  After they eat they GET to have a spoonful of bee pollen with a drizzle of honey from none other than Honeyrum Farm, of course. 

I cannot say enough good things about this farm and their owners Jayne and Isaac.  They’re so sweet and their products are fantastic!  I always purchase my honey and soap from them at (say it with me!) the Ole Worthington Farmers Market, but I wanted to see what this bee pollen was all about. 

Isaac told me that it had a ton of health benefits and his kids get excited to have it daily.  I was intrigued (and a little weirded out by eating bee pollen) but I bought some anyway.

He gave me a slip with some amazing facts about bee pollen.  I was so excited to try it when we got home! 

Although he warned me that bee pollen tastes kind of chalky tasting, I was not prepared.  Ew.  It’s gross.  Ya want to know what I think it tastes like?  Farm.  Fish food.  Your pick.  I have never tried “farm” or fish food but if you could bottle “farm” up, it’d taste just the same I am sure of it.  Fish food? Well you know what it smells like from “getting” to feed your class fish back in grade school and I’m convinced I now know what it tastes like.  Sick.

But flavor isn’t why I bought it.  I was excited to see how this would be another thing we could add to our diet to benefit our bodies in a healthy way.

I put bee pollen and a drizzle of honey on a spoon and I swallow it with water.  It’s becoming easier to down but I highly doubt it will ever be a walk in the park.

The kids LOVE it!  I mean it!  I talked to them about it, telling them it doesn’t taste great but I would drizzle it with honey.  I also told them that it’s really healthy and their bodies would LOVE to have it.  They think of it as a treat :)

Here’s what you should know when buying bee pollen.  Buy local.

Actually, there’s a lot to know…I’d HIGHLY recommend you checking out this website where you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know about bee pollen and why it’s amazing for you!  Click around and get tons of questions answered.

So, will you try this farm-tasting super food? 


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    breena- i love reading your posts and i am so excited to try some of these yummy looking recipes! your writing is just so real and down to earth, which is why i nominated you for the liebster blog award- you can check out the details on my page =) keep writing and god bless!

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