A weekend to remember!

Was it last weekend or the weekend before?  I do not recall but it was fantastic!  My amazing MIL came in town on Thursday and stayed through Saturday.  The kids always love to see her when she comes and this time was no different. *Just asked hubs, it was last weekend.*

Friday we went on a fun shopping trip to Target where my babies where spoiled with a toy and some loverly spring attire.  We all love shopping trips to target with bebe Jean 😉  The kids were really good and we just had a really great time!
The Monday before, my friend Kelly asked me, “Do you want to go out on a double-date?  Can you get a sitter this friday?”  Oh, my heart leaped for joy at the thought!  I responded, “Yes!  I will find a sitter for sure!”  We ended up bringing along two other couples and planned to dress extra nice for the occasion!

Friday afternoon as the kids slept, bebe Jean let me head out to find an outfit.  Forever 21 and The Limited saved the day!  Did I mention I went to Easton on a gorgeous day?  Oh, I was feeling so dang good!

These are some of our friends who are just a lot of fun to be around but can hold a serious convo as well.  Love them!  Let me introduce you!

 Garth and Kelly.  We’ve known them for 2.5 years and have gone through a lot.  Love, love these two and beyond blessed to call them friends.

 Kristy and Travis are such a great couple and we love them dearly!  Doing life with them is a blast!  They are to be wed in August and Andy, Cyrus, Eisley and I are going to be apart of it!  yay!

Kate and Evan!  You’ve never met such a trendy couple.  Bow tie and handkerchief, courtesy of Kate!  Love these two and their outward love of each other!  I know we’ll be friends for a long time.

And I just really love this man.  He’s good to me and happens to be handsome to boot!

Our handsome men all in a row!
Pretty lady friends lookin’ so fine.

 Me and Sangria.

If you do not recognize the place we are dining, it’s called Bel Lago.  It was a perfect atmosphere for our group.  We laughed, played random games and ate really good food.  Somehow I started talking about Ember to our waiter who connected us with a guy he worked with who happened to be another church planter from Pittsburgh who was also planting in Westerville.  Very cool.
Afterwards we headed to Evan and Kate’s place but Bexley woke up early and wanted da momma.  Bummed to end the night early but my heart was full when we left.  Seriously…crazy thankful for  the friends I have.
The next morning I spent with my MIL at La Chatelaine, then the Ole Worthington Farmer Market.  Next stop, Sew to Speak.  My Saturdays happen to look like this often, can you tell with all the blog tags? 😉
My MIL bought me this…

The example they had hanging.  So dang cute!

I LOVE it!  Picture this board without the fabric and that’s what I have with a bundle of some coordinating fabric I picked out.  Cannot wait to make my own version and hang it in the girls’ room! 

I forgot to mention we had a pre-seasoned pork roast cooking in the crock pot with onions, sweet potatoes and carrots.  Oh.My.Gosh.  You have never tasted something so yummy!

We had such an amazing time!  I’m so blessed to have the mother-in-law I have.  She loves my babies and it’s a blessing to have her visit.

These are the kind of weekends that are good for my soul.  Full of love and family and friends. 

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