Skirt Makin’ Sunday…

First, can I just tell you about my weekend?  Friday night the whole clan went to the grocery store to get eggs and cinnamon rolls for Eisley’s breakfast.  Not sure if we have all gone as a family of 6 but it.was.a.blast!
After the kids were all cozy in bed, I made Eisley her rainbow brownies (have I already told you 500 times that at this EXACT SAME age, I wanted rainbow brownies too?  TRUE STORY…I just LOVE my mini-me!) while the hubs worked on his sermon.  I made the browines from a box…the best kind.  I then made butter-cream frosting (I just don’t like to use the word icing…sounds too proper for some reason).  I ghetto-fied it by using a spoon to paint the rainbow on top.  I didn’t have enough to write anything too crazy, so she got an E.  An E and a rainbow and sprinkles.  Perfection.

The next morning, we all said happy birthday to the love-bug, Eisley girl and she’s grinning from ear to ear enjoying being celebrated.  I needed a shower (one of those times where you’re just like, “seriously, babe.  Can I get a shower?…I think it’s been a couple of days.”) ha! 

So Andy took on the roll of making the cinnamon rolls while I headed upstairs to shower.  I would normally go over the directions and remind him a few things because I can be a control freak but opted for trusting him since he hadn’t made them in a long time, he’d read over everything carefully.  That’s just how he rolls.
Back up to the night before while I unpacked the groceries.  Andy, “Hey babe, is there a different pan you can use so the cinnamon rolls get fully cooked?”  I look at him (not really mad, but laughing because he really.just.said.that.)
“Es-sqooz-a-me?”  I say with a smirk on my face.  “Fine, mr.!  You go right on ahead and make em’ yourSELF!”  I promise, we were laughing at each other.  No anger here.  Not this time.
So, back to the morning after where I am in the shower and I start to smell the cinnamon rolls.  I remember thinking, “I can’t believe I can smell them, even in the shower.  huh.  They kinda smell bitter.”  I get out and immediately open the door and call down, “Hey babe.  Are the cinnamon rolls burned?”  Andy as he gets up and runs to the kitchen, “No!  They are not burned!”
They were.  Andy starts saying, “Man!  Are you serious!?  Come on!  How did this happen?”  Eisley runs over and says, “It’s okay, it’s okay!  I’n (yes, I’n, not I’m) still 4!”  So sweet she is!

Can you see the rolls that burned?
Andy, “Well, I guess I get to eat the humble pie this morning.”  Such a weird saying but true.  Very true.  No man is gonna mess with my rolls…um, wait.  CINNAMON rolls, that is. 😉

The day was loverly and Eisley Bree felt loved on and special.
So then came Sunday.  Sunday is always a tricky day for us.  It’s not technically a work day but then again it is when your husband is the pastor of your church.  So we get the morning together and then he’s off and I take the kids later.  
This week I was co-leading worship so I went in early to practice.  I feel guilty but love it all at the same time.  I love it because I not only get a brake from packing up the kids all on my own but I get to be apart of the service in leading others to worship God and it’s so humbling and quenches my soul.  Ya know, when God’s called you to something and you do it for His glory…yeah.  It just feels right and for me it’s good for my spirit.
The guilt comes in when Andy, who needs to set up, read over his sermon and get his heart right before God all before he preaches has to also pack up our sweet babies and get them ready for church.
I’m thankful for him because he’s “for” me.  He’s for my healing through Jesus and he’s for my gifts from God to be used.  That’s pretty amazing and those are only some of the many ways he loves me.
Here’s another example.  I was able to make a skirt this morning!  I had hand-me-down fabric that I LOVE and so I jumped on pinterest for a tutorial and made a skirt that I actually wore!  I felt so “Breena” with my tattoo on my wrist, my muted colors on, homemade skirt, boots and red lipstick.

                                                    A close up of the loverly fabric.

First skirt and I love it!  I could hem it a bit to make it look less like I’m one of the older Duggar’s.  I do love them, I do.


Anywho, the sermon was good.  It’s always good, IMHO.  God’s calling me to lay down my life in a few areas.  To put down my idols of selfishness and my rights to whatever it is I want at different points throughout the day and to put others first.  My husband, my kids.  God’s reminding me of my need to lay down my life so that I might re discover it, the way it should be…in Jesus.

I wish I could say, “I got this”, but I do not.  What areas do you feel you need to lay down as you rediscover who you are in Christ?  You don’t need to answer, but let God speak to you and ask Him to show you who you are to be in Him.



  • Reply February 6, 2012

    I am cracking up at the part where you said, “I could hem it a bit so I don’t look like one of the older Duggars.” LOL.

    • Reply February 6, 2012


      haha! It still my be too short as is 😉

  • Reply February 6, 2012

    Tricia Maria

    Tears rolled down my cheeks shortly after I read this, “I’m thankful for him because he’s “for” me. He’s for my healing through Jesus and he’s for my gifts from God to be used. That’s pretty amazing and those are only some of the many ways he loves me”.

    Beautiful, Bree, just beautiful. As the months past (we’re at 5 months now!), I’m realizing a little more every day how true this is for me, too.

  • Reply February 6, 2012


    That’s awesome, Tricia! Marriage is a beautiful thing but can get tricky…being “for” each other helps to make it more of a team effort and can really give God more room to work in our lives to impact others!

  • Reply February 6, 2012


    I love you Bree. This was such a fun post to read! What a great weekend you had! :)

  • Reply February 6, 2012


    Thank you and I love you too, Kristy! I was sweeping my kitchen and thinking, ‘tomorrow. I will hang out with Kristy tomorrow.’ :)

  • Reply February 8, 2012


    I remember when you requested brownies with a rainbow for your 4th birthday. It looks like the same pan I used 😉 I love that you love to sew! The skirt is so cute! God continues to show me areas that I need to lay down at His feet. He is forever faithful!

    • Reply February 9, 2012


      Yay! You read my blog!!! Thanks for commenting, momma! Isn’t that just too funny about Eisley?! Thanks…loving my skirt :) He IS forever faithful! Amen!

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