Saturdays Are Family Days…

You may have heard?  After a LONG time of waiting on God and his timing and his perfect blessing (the best time and kind of blessing), Andy, my hard-working, God-honoring husband got a job!  A good job.  One where he’ll be doing something he’s not only good at but loves.  And they want him.  They really want him and the team of people he met are very excited to have him join their team!  As a wife who believes so much in her husband and his gifts and talents,  It’s a joy to see God was in control the whole time and is just pouring out his blessing on Andy and our family.

We are so thankful for what this means for our family, our church and the amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness to those who are faithful.  God is just so good!  If you are reading this and I was texting you weekly keeping you updated because I knew you wanted to pray with us, THANK YOU!  I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

Andy with his little prayer warriors on his first day!

This means that Saturdays are going to be really focused on family.  He’ll work during the week as normal, work in the evenings on Ember Church stuff and Sunday’s are just crazy.  So, Saturdays.  Yeah, they’ll be all about family and this past Saturday was a great day!

We went to the Old Worthington Winter Farmers market together and although it was quite crowded, the kids did fabulous and we were able to get what we needed.

We came home and had a yummy lunch of left-over tortellini soup or oatmeal (oitmeal, if you are Cyrus).  Your choice!  We had gala apples and Farmer’s Market Cheese (YUM!) as a side.

Then, my amazing hubby went to pick up my Valentine’s gift in Pickerington!  A fabulous Craigslist find.  I’ve wanted an area rug like this for a LONG time and found a STEAL of a price.  It’s in amazing condition and I cannot wait to continue decorating around it.  It’s currently in our bedroom, but after I am done painting our living room, I think it will work nicely there.

11X8 feet of perfection!

We were headed to the mall to get the kids out after dinner (noodles, chicken, homemade parmesan sauce, peppers, cucumbers and greens, oh my!) and saw a beyond packed parking lot all while listening to a very cranky baby in the background and decided it would be best to just get some milk shakes and call it a night. 

The kids were thankful and even said so which was a perk.  I had this itching to get out, though.  So after the kids went to bed, I texted a friend (who likes to get to bed early like a wise momma) and it just so happened that she was finished with her shift minutes after I texted and had not had dinner.  PERFECT!

We met up at Northstar Cafe’, Easton location and chatted the night away.  It was so good for both of us.  Two woman who love Jesus, our husbands and our babies trying to figure it all out.  Encouraging and sharing struggles and leaving our chat with the promise to pray for each other.  It was just a God-breathed time and I was so thankful for it and for our friendship.  P.S. She’s the one I met at Chick-Fil-A.  Remember?

Saturdays are going to be really sweet for our family.  Which also means a Saturday gone bad will for sure be, quite sour.


  • Reply February 13, 2012

    Evan Staggs

    YES!!! You took a “First Day of School” photo!!!!!

  • Reply February 13, 2012


    I think it is so good (and wise) to devote one day each week to be strictly a family day….but it’s hard! Now that I’m working Saturdays, and Dan is off on Fridays, we’re going to make a concerted effort to keep Fridays for us. I think it’s just so beneficial in the long run!

    Saturday evening was such a nice surprise! I think God knew that was just what my spirit needed. :) I will keep praying for you and your schooling decisions. I’ll pray that God makes the right decision abundantly clear and then fills you with peace, because no matter what decision you make you’ll probably have a tendency to question it (if you’re like me:)

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