Redeeming Valentine’s Day…

Ya’ll may already know how I feel about hearts.  I just do not like the shape.  I cannot explain it but hear me out.  I may hate hearts but LOVE, love.  So Valentines Day is very much the same.  The obnoxious decorations and ugly stuffed animals.  Not to mention every year prior to being married, I’d have a crush on some cute boy which caused the awkwardness of Valentine’s “love” and pressure that comes along with it…oh, I could go on and on. 

BAM!  Proof.

But love.  Real love.  That kind that is selfless and forgiving, that’s the kind of love I want to celebrate.  The “no pressure” kind of love.  And so, I did!  Hearts and all!

First stop, the promise of heart pancakes with a side of eggs for breakfast.

Zekey helping with the eggs
Yes.  That’s as good as it got.

I put together cute little gifts for them.  They LOVED them. Score.

Water bottles with their names and stickers to decorate!

Extra bonus was that no one mentioned my lack of getting Bexley a present.  Seriously.  I’m quite surprised and relieved.

And they were THRILLED!  Look at the excitement when they decorated their own water bottle!  Who knew?!

Batter up!
Seriously.  So excited for her “jewel” stickers.
He was pretty much just into the chocolate 😉

Later we played a game I came up with from the verse 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Cut out a heart and write all that love is (such a great reminder!)

Turn it into a puzzle! 

From here I had the older two come over and go over what love is.  It took about 15 minutes as I asked them what each meant and then explained.

I hid the pieces for them to find!  (I can’t wait until our basement is done and the LR is not the Play room)

Happy little girl.

Proud little man

HINT: Go over the verses BEFORE the game because they were over it by the time they found the pieces 😉

My plan is to make homemade chicken nuggets and broiled veggies for dinner and love on my little lovebugs.  I don’t love Valentine’s day, I’m so so sorry.  I’m not bitter it’s just…the ugly decorations!  blah!

Anywho, I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating your loved ones!  Yay for love!

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