How Sweet God’s Word Is…

My parents came yesterday to celebrate my birthday with me.  I was SO excited!  I’ll post more later but this morning they woke up and made bacon and eggs and pancakes for us!  YUM!  Did I mention that I got to sleep in?!  So nice.

Well, once they left I had all the kids gather around for bible time.  I will admit that in the past, I’ve read the bible to them only when one of the kids reminded me or if I just happened to think it was a good time to do it.  <---Feel so guilty! It’s ALWAYS the right time to read the bible ESPECIALLY to my kids.  It’s such a challenge for me to read the bible and pray before I “check my stuff online”.  I struggle with wanting to see what I need to reply to later and who’s saying what on Facebook.  Ew.  It’s so sad but it’s so true. So this whole week, I’ve been coming downstairs with the kids as we see Andy off to work (early!) and the first thing we do is read the bible and talk about it.  I stop when I know there are words they don’t understand and ask if they know what they mean.  SO much fun hearing what they have to say :)  After reading a passage, we talk about what they learned and how we can apply it to our lives.  Then I ask them to pray about what we read and for other people.

It’s a beautiful thing and I hate that I haven’t been on top of this for a longer amount of time.  It’s been really great for parenting throughout the day.  I can just remind them (and myself!) of what we read and they’re quick to correct their heart’s bad choices.

Here’s what it does NOT do.  It does NOT make my day go more smoothly.  I wish that reading the bible meant that my day was going to go so well but that’s not always the case.  Sometimes it means I’m going to be THAT much more tempted to yell, or react and be quick to anger and slow to love (Satan likes to do this!).  Ugh.  BUT when I remember that reading the bible is not a magic potion for a good day, then I am not quickly disappointed or frustrated that I am having a difficult time with my babies.   Instead I just know to remember what I read or go into prayer to get more “fuel” to keep going.

The great thing about Jesus is, He’s never busy.  The amazing thing about the Holy Spirit is, He’s always available.  The comforting thing about God is, He’s always listening….

Fun Story : When I was telling the kids about how when Jesus comes back, we’ll meet Him in the air Eisley couldn’t grasp the thought.  She said, “Will we go up in the tree?” “Will we use a ladder?”  “Will we go in hot air balloons?”  When I “shot down” her ideas with saying, “No honey, God will get us up there.  We’ll float in the air and meet Jesus.”  She said, “Ooooo!  Will it tickle?” ha!  She’s got her momma’s stomach 😉 

Cyrus prayed : “…and thank you that we read the bible.  I just love it.”  And he really does!  He’s always the one who gets excited after we read the bible or the one reminding me when I would forget.  So I told him how much I loved his love for the bible.  How much I loved him encouraging me and reminding me to read God’s word.  He’s like his daddy…can’t get enough of God’s word 😉

Zeke :  Well it was a chore to get him to stay on the couch with us…but he’s just a cutie pie.

Bexley :  She ate 😉


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    So glad it has been going well for you. I recently picked up this habit again with my kids after a 2 month break. I will try to remember to pray for you when I pray for diligence in myself as well. As a side note, I decided to post here instead of on FB so that you would have the excitement to see that someone commented on your blog 😉

    • Reply February 1, 2012


      Thanks, Teri! For praying and for commenting on here 😉 I’m such a dork! I’ll remember to pray for you as well :) Enjoy this gorgeous day!

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