Birthday With My Parents!

I was so excited when my mom asked if her and my dad could come for a day and night and celebrate my birthday!  She then asked what I wanted her to make for dinner…”Chinese Chicken Salad and egg rolls, please!”  She makes the BEST!  Oh, and cupcakes for dessert (I have a thing for cupcakes these days)

Cy enjoying some of momma’s birthday cupcakes!

How thoughtful was this gift?!  A sewing box!!!  I SO need one!

Eisley taking time from being outside to enjoy a cupcake, too!

My pretty momma making dinner!  Yum!

Look at them FRY!!!

Happy Birthday to MEEE!!!

I could eat him up!

Grammy reading to Eisley and Cyrus.

Poppy reading to Zekey E!

So much FUN!!

I went to my favorite place (the mall) with my momma and daddy as Andy stayed home and worked (poor guy).  It was nice to just walk around and spend time with my parents. 

Thankful for this time with them!  Thankful for yummy food, too. :)

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